Patrick Dodd Trio - Future Blues

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Released: 2012
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Patrick Dodd Trip
Art: Front

01. Future Blues (4:17)
02. Into The Fire (3:41)
03. Testify (3:38)
04. Evil Way (4:36)
05. I've Got To Run Away (3:37)
06. Ain't This Livin' (4:36)
07. Restless Soul (5:01)

Future Blues is the debut EP for the Patrick Dodd Trio. In an instance of fate, Patrick and his band mates came across the opportunity to record their first album when Patrick was approached by a group of Icelandic businessmen who wanted to use one of his songs as their company’s official anthem. It was because of this that the EP got its name, Future Blues, and Patrick, Harry Peel and Landon Moore recorded seven spectacular tracks of blues-rock music.

Blues-rock, as a genre, is about history and tradition, in a way. No matter how a piece of music may stray into rock, folk, or even metal in some cases, there is always a component to blues-rock that stays the same. It might be subtle, such as in the case of The Black Keys, whose sound is more garage rock than straight blues. But, regardless, the underlying chord progression is usually a variation on a theme for most blues-rock groups. The Patrick Dodd Trio is no exception. However, this is not to say that they are any run-of-the mill group. In fact, it is because they are able to stand out in such a traditional genre that they are noteworthy. The instrumentalists are spot on. The melodies and solos are always clear and technically sound, and the songs are catchy and energetic.

Along with the quality of the instrumentalists, Dodd’s voice is remarkable. The vocals often fall to the wayside in blues music, deferring instead to guitar solos and blues riffs. Yet, while both guitar solos and blues riffs abound on Future Blues, Dodd’s voice is captivating on every track. Both gruff and clean, his vocals are soulful and quite the scene-stealer.

While there are no weak tracks on the EP, there are a few that stand out above the others. “Future Blues” easily demonstrates why it is the title track, and why the Icelandic businessmen went out on a limb to have Dodd work on the album in the first place. The lead vocals and guitar hold down the track, which is swingy and packed with solos. “Testify” and “Ain’t This Livin’” are similarly appealing, with rollicking tempos and catchy tunes.

Surely there is more yet to come from Dodd and his bandmates. Future Blues is a sample of excellence, and most of all, proves there is still more to be done with the blues. The Review: 9/10 - Review by Sarah Richmond

Future Blues

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