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George Michael - Dance Mixes (2008)

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Artist - George Michael
Album - Dance Mixes
Year - 2008
Format - CD
Country - Europe
Code - OD-K-28520

CD 1
1. An Easier Affair (Jer&Mix'Lover Dance Remix)
2. This Is Not Real Love (Moto Blanco Mix) (feat Mutya)
3. Amazing (Jack 'N' Rory 7' Vocal Mix)
4. Shoot The Dog (Moogeymen Mix)
5. Outside [Hex Hector 12 Vox Up Mix]
6. Killer (Lazy Does It Mix)
7. KillerPapa Was A Rolling Stone (Dance Mix)
8. Freeek (maw reilch mix)
9. If i told you that (whitney houston beat mix)
10. As (jonathan peters club mix)
11. I Want Your Sex (Rare Extended Version)

CD 2
1. Killer (NYC Club Mix)
2. An Easier Affair (Too Much Fun Remix 2006)
3. Amazing (Full Intention Club Mix)
4. Thank You
5. I knew you were waiting for me (extended remix) (feat Aretha franklin)
6. Learn To Say No (feat Jody Watley)
7. Crazy Man Dance
8. Hard Day (Long Day Mix)
9. I Want Your Sex (Ultimix)
10. Father Figure 2001 (Clubhouse Mix)
11. fast love (2002 illicit remix)
12. Outside 2003 (Shane 54 Vocal Mix)

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