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Modern Talking - Great Compilation Of Mixes DJ Manaev (part 2) - 2016

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Artist: Modern Talking
Title: Great Compilation Of Mixes DJ Manaev Vol 2
Genre: Disco, Euro-disco, Pop.
Year: 2016
Playing time: 06:18:41
Audio Quality: MP3, 256 Kbps
File size : 694 MB

Tracklist :
01. Just We Two (Mona Lisa) New Hit Fan Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:25)
02. Dont let me go Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:20)
03. Brother Louie Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:04)
04. Jet Airliner Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (07:28)
05. Good Girls Go to Heaven - Bad Girls Go to Everywhere Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:38)
06. In The Garden Of Venus (mixed by Manaev) (50:35)
07. Just Like An Angel City Lights Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:16)
08. Life Is Too Short (Long Version) (re-cut by Manaev) (04:40)
09. Keep love alive Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:16)
10. Locomotion Tango Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:30)
11. Love Dont Live Here Anymore Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:37)
12. Lucky Guy Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:09)
13. You Me Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:31)
14. Mrs. Robota Extended Fantasy Version by Future Step (mixed by Manaev) (06:10)
15. Nothing But The Truth Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:57)
16. With A Little Love Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (07:32)
17. You re The Lady Of My Heart Long Heart Beat Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:58)
18. Who Will Save The World Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:41)
19. Should I, Would I, Could I (Maxi Love Mix) (re-cut by Manaev) (04:42)
20. Just We Two (Mona Lisa) New Hit Optimal Mix (mixed by Alexander Manaev) (05:24)
21. For Always And Ever Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:38)
22. Youre the Lady of My Heart Paula So Lonely Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:24)
23. Cant Get Enough Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:42)
24. Anything Is Possible Long Version (re-cut by Manaev) (04:54)
25. A Telegram To Your Heart Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:26)
26. China In Her Eyes Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:47)
27. Doctor For My Heart (I Dont Wanna Mix) (mixed by Manaev) (04:30)
28. Bells Of Paris Champs- lys es maxi version (mixed by Manaev) (05:39)
29. Charlene Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:22)
30. Rain in My Heart Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (07:04)
31. Rouge Et Noir Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:52)
32. Superstar Long Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:06)
33. No Face No Name No Number Long Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (06:06)
34. Dont Give Up Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:01)
35. Blinded By Your Love Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:41)
36. Dont Let Me Go Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:30)
37. Ten Seconds To Countdown Maxi Version (re-cut by Manaev) (04:24)
38. Walking In The Rain Of Paris Paula Mix (Mixed by Manaev) (05:43)
39. You Are Not Alone Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:15)
40. Just We Two( Mona Lisa) Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:20)
41. Dont Lose My Number Long Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:09)
42. One in a Million Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:10)
43. Part Time Lover Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:50)
44. Sexy Sexy Lover Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:28)
45. Witchqueen Of Eldorado Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (04:46)
46. Shooting Star Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:48)
47. We Still Have Dreams Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:27)
48. Riding on a White Swan Heart Beat Version (re-cut by Manaev) (06:38)
49. Ten Thousand Lonely Drums Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:01)
50. Princess Of The Night Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:19)
51. Why Does It Feel So Good Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:16)
52. Wild Wild Water Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:42)
53. Bells Of Paris Not Alone Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (feat Eric Singelton ) (05:49)
54. Angies Heart Long Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:20)
55. Its Christmas Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:58)
56. Fly To The Moon Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:33)

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