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Cover Album of Controversy - A Tribute To Prince (Advance) 2008

Controversy - A Tribute To Prince (Advance) 2008

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Genre - Hip-Hop / RnB/Swing / Soul

Music Style: : Hip Hop, Rap, Rnb, Soul

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Label - Rapster

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Tags: Tribute Prince Controversy Advance

Artist - Controversy
Year - 2008
Format - Album, CD
Country - US
Code - OD-K-25719

1. DAngelo - Shes Always In My Hair
2. Stina Nordenstam - Purple Rain
3. Blue States - Alphabet Street
4. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra - Condition Of The Heart
5. Osunlade - Crazy You
6. Hefner - Controversy
7. The Dynamics - Girls And Boys
8. Broadway Project Feat. Jeb Loy Nichols - The Ballard Of Dorothy Parker
9. 7 Hurtz With Peaches - Sexy Dancer
10. Soulwax - Starfish And Coffee
11. Rob Mello - Critical
12. LB - The Future
13. Kode 9 And Space Ape - Sine Of The Dub

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Total length: unknown
Basically this CD is as sick and tight as hardcore rap gets. If you like Northern Cali Hardcore rap, no hip-pop, get this. Represent the underground nation of Killa Valley. They're explosive! All I hear in cars bumpin' in LA are Nelly, Nas, and Eminem. I only bump that Gangsta shiznit! Once you hear the first song you'll be hooked like a fish. Spontaneous Combustion also stands out like a Brotha at a KKK rally. On da real doe, get all Killa Valley albums, all Siccmade albums, and all Million Dollar Dream albums. They are 3 hard lables producing that Gangsta sound!

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