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Willie Nelson - One Hell Of A Ride (4CD)

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Disc 2

Song Title Artist Time Price
1. Good Hearted Woman Willie Nelson 2:58
2. You Left A Long, Long Time Ago Willie Nelson 2:42
3. She's Not For You Willie Nelson 2:31
4. You Ought To Hear Me Cry Willie Nelson 2:42
5. It Should Be Easier Now Willie Nelson 2:46
6. Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:29
7. If You Can Touch Her At All Willie Nelson 3:03
8. I Can Get Off On You (Remastered For Buddha - October 30, 2000) Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson 2:25
9. Blackjack County Chain Willie Nelson 2:04
10. Johnny One Time Willie Nelson 2:45
11. Bring Me Sunshine (Previously Unreleased in the U.S.) Willie Nelson 2:13
12. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye Willie Nelson 2:45
13. Shotgun Willie Willie Nelson 2:42
14. Sad Songs And Waltzes Willie Nelson 3:10
15. Troublemaker (Album Version) Willie Nelson 1:53
16. Uncloudy Day (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:42
17. Bloody Mary Morning Willie Nelson 2:50
18. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone Willie Nelson 4:19
19. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:21
20. I'd Have To Be Crazy (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:27
21. If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:06
22. Always Late (With Your Kisses) (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:26
23. She's Gone Gone Gone (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:31
24. I Never Go Around Mirrors (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:37
25. Stardust (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:53
26. Georgia On My Mind (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:20
27. A Song For You (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:46

Disc 3

Song Title Artist Time Price
1. Whiskey River (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:34
2. Till I Gain Control Again Willie Nelson 5:54
3. Stay A Little Longer (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:29
4. Heartbreak Hotel (Album Version) Willie Nelson with Leon Russell 3:02
5. One For My Baby And One For The Road (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:35
6. Help Me Make It Through The Night (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:02 7. Midnight Rider (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:53
8. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:05
9. Crazy Arms (Album Version) Willie Nelson;Ray Price 2:45
10. On The Road Again (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:35
11. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:30
12. Mona Lisa (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:33
13. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:01
14. Always On My Mind (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:35
15. Old Friends Willie Nelson & Roger Miller (with Ray Price) 3:07
16. Pancho And Lefty (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:49
17. Reasons To Quit Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard 3:34
18. In The Jailhouse Now (Album Version) Willie Nelson with Webb Pierce 2:09
19. Why Do I Have To Choose (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:12
20. City Of New Orleans (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:53
21. To All The Girls I've Loved Before (With Julio Iglesias) (Album Version) Willie Nelson;Julio Iglesias 3:34
22. Three Days Willie Nelson & Faron Young 3:15
23. Touch Me Willie Nelson & Faron Young 2:39

Disc 4

Song Title Artist Time Price
1. Write Your Own Songs Willie Nelson 3:20
2. Heart Of Gold Willie Nelson 3:13
3. I'm Movin' On Willie Nelson 2:44
4. Seven Spanish Angels (with Ray Charles) Willie Nelson 3:53
5. Highwayman (Album Version) Johnny Cash 3:04
6. Living In The Promiseland (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:22
7. What A Wonderful World (Album Version) Willie Nelson 2:17
8. Country Willie Willie Nelson 3:46
9. Graceland (Album Version) Willie Nelson 4:47
10. Valentine (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:39
11. What Was It You Wanted (Album Version) Willie Nelson 5:25
12. Still Is Still Moving To Me (Album Version) Willie Nelson 3:33
13. Too Sick To Pray Willie Nelson 2:44
14. Everywhere I Go (with Emmylou Harris) Willie Nelson 3:52
15. My Own Peculiar Way Willie Nelson 3:40
16. Nuages Willie Nelson 3:42
17. Rainbow Connection Willie Nelson 4:32
18. Mendocino County Line Willie Nelson;Lee Ann Womack 4:34
19. The Harder They Come Willie Nelson 3:40
20. Bubbles In My Beer Willie Nelson 2:51
21. When I've Sung My Last Hillbilly Song Willie Nelson 3:29


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