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VA - Italo Fresh Hits 2008

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Code - OD-K-22548

1. gazebo - ladies (dom scuteri remix) (4:27)
2. double face feat masoc - follow a dream (khrys remix) (4:00)
3. dj kajjin feat estefania - music is fantasy (original radio) (3:38)
4. fabrizio e marco - fly away (radio edit) (3:20)
5. disc jockeyz - my italia (radio edit) (3:17)
6. nowak - dont go (radio edit) (4:02)
7. redrox feat randee - give me emotions (made in italy and red remix) (3:39)
8. marc korn vs dj squared - summer of love 2008 (dancephonic short remix) (3:44)
9. khrys feat masoc - movin (original mix) (4:55)
10. prezioso and marvin - touch me (3:25)
11. dj sanny j feat fabrizio e marco - everyday (fabrizio e marco radio recipe) (3:37)
12. warm destiny - call me to fly (remix) (3:46)
13. stb - the way you do (fabrizio d marco radio recipe) (3:33)
14. dottorigor - in my life again (the producer remix) (4:39)
15. frank ti aya feat yardi don - one love world love (radio edit) (3:36)
16. stefy nrg - music is my life (san r g radio edit) (3:19)
17. simox dj - feel the rhythm (dj mauro vay gf radio remix) (4:06)
18. masterbeat - fading away (orginal radio remix) (3:26)
19. red dj feat a dj - by my side (roxado rmx) (3:29)
20. dj power - my love for you (radio edit) (5:10)
21. the soundlovers - run away (claudio tiganellos disco express radio mix) (3:09)
22. dj sanny j feat marco - if i could (radio edit) (3:39)
23. dj sonic feat isis - fall in love (original radio version) (3:47)
24. italian rockaz - la donna (fabrizio e marco radio recipe) (3:25)
25. 4 strings - catch a fall (radio edit) (2:47)
26. tarquini and prevalle made in italy - never meet (tarquini and prevale italo radio mix) (4:37)
27.commercial club crew-la luna (radio cut)-emf.mp3
28.double face feat randee-last summer (dj valenziano radio edit rmx)-emf.mp3
29.dj andrew feat airy-non lo so (radio edit)-emf.mp3
30.manugz and marcos magan-credimi (destination sicily radio edit)-emf.mp3
31.deep spirit-youre makin me high (ozi radio edit)-emf.mp3
32.dj martinez feat small town boys-forever in my mind (original radio edit)-emf.mp3
33. corona-la playa del sol (original radio edit)-emf.mp3
34. x code-memories (forget radio mix)-emf.mp3
35. excess-pyramid (remix)-emf.mp3
36. iridama-color my world (original radio edit)-emf.mp3
37. elektra forward-love delight (gith radio edit)-emf.mp3
38. dj blisco feat marco-without you (fabrizio e marco radio recipe)-emf.mp3
39.overland feat kimmy-you make me feel good (original radio mix)-emf.mp3
40.gabry ponte-movin on (rework 2007)-emf.mp3

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