Albert Castiglia - Discography (2002-2010) 5 albums

Albert Castiglia - Discography (2002-2010) 5 albums

2002 - Burn (CBR 320)

01-I Didn't Know 3:36
02-Since You've Been Gone 5:05
03-Burn 4:39
04-Can't Be Satisfied 2:40
05-Teasing the Trains 3:15
06-No One to Blame 3:36
07-Take Me with You When You Go 4:27
08-The Day the Old Man Died 5:00
09-Closing Time 4:05
10-Cadillac Assembly Line (Live) 5:18
11-Hoodoo Man Blues (Live) 9:49
Total time: 00:51:36

2005 - The Bittersweet Sessions (with Graham Wood Drout)(VBR 224)

01-Ghosts Of Mississippi
02-Ain't No Way To Get Along
04-Sweet Home Chicago
05-Pretty Thing
06-Blow Wind Blow
07-Ticket Agent Blues
08-Sitting On Top Of The World
09-Prescription For The Blues
10-The Sky Is Crying
11-3 Fingered Fellers Named Shorty
12-I Shall Be Released
Total time: 01:02:06

2006 - A Stone's Throw (CBR 320)

01-Big Toe 5:31
02-Walking Blues 5:07
03-Youth Wants to Know 5:21
04-Ghosts of Mississippi 4:18
05-Hurricane Blues 5:00
06-Party Till the Cows Come Home 3:52
07-Hoodoo Man Blues 3:54
08-Speed On 3:24
09-Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt 3:53
10-Crying the Blues 5:02
11-Someone Else's Problem 4:35
12-Sittin and Waitin 3:36
Total time: 00:53:40

2008 - These Are The Days (CBR 320)

01-Bad Year Blues (5:12)
02-He's Got All The Wiskey (5:12)
03-Loan Me A Dime (6:39)
04-Godfather Of The Blues (4:35)
05-Celebration (4:06)
06-Nightime Is The Right Time (4:54)
07-Catfish (6:34)
08-Another Bloody Day (4:37)
09-Need Your Love So Bad (7:15)
10-Twister (4:33)
11-Blues For Evan (3:01)
Total time: 00:56:37

2010 - Keepin On (CBR 320)

01-Cadillac Assembly Line
02-Till I Fell In Love With You
03-Mojo 305
04-Keep On Keepin' On
05-My Baby Is Now On My Mind
06-Do You Love Me
07-Could Not Ask For More
08-Sweet Southern Angel
09-Murderin' Blues
10-Goin Upstairs
11-Gettin' By
12-Closing Time
Total time: 01:06:59

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