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Rare Remixes Vol. 1 - Vol. 6

Rare Remixes Vol. 1 - Vol. 6

• Genre : Electronic House Trance
• Year : 0
• Label :
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Release code: ODI2168507 Added on 27-10-2014, 19:37
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Release Info: Rare Remixes Vol. 1 - Vol. 6

Rare Remixes Vol. 1 - Vol. 6

ye como va (pedro de la fiesta remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 17M
A Little Less Conversation (JXL 12- extended remix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:53 14M
A Love Spurned (12'' Version).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 9.7M
Ain't Nobody (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 11:59 10M
Around The Way Girl (New Bass Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 6.1M
Baby I Don't Care (12'' Inch Version).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:20 7.7M
Back To Life ( Masters at Work House Mix ).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 10M
Because I Got High (Afropulco Gold & Dirty).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:24 4.1M
Blue Savannah (Out Of The Blue Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 7.9M
Boom Boom Wow (D.J. Will.I.Am Megamix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 5.5M
Brand New Day (Cornelius Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:07 13M
Brighter Days (Matthias Heilbronns Soulflower Mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 18M
Buffalo Stance (Kevin Saundersons' Techno Stance Remix One).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:19 9.4M
Build (Frankie Knuckles Extended Mix).mp3 14-Nov-2011 00:01 16M
Can I Kick It (Phase 5 Mix).mp3 27-Nov-2011 23:22 11M
Careless Whispers (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:00 10M
China Girl (Riff & Vox Club Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 13M
Confide In Me (Dmc Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:00 6.7M
Cover Me (undercover mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 07:52 8.4M
Cry Wolf (Extended Version).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:19 13M
Dancing In The Street (Steve Thompson Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:12 6.5M
Dancing Queen (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:41 7.5M
Deep In Vogue (Banjie Realness).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 21M
Deep Inside (Heavy Weather Mix).mp3 27-Nov-2011 23:21 6.7M
Deeper Underground (The Uhman Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 12M
Disappear (Morales 12 Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 07:52 15M
Disco lies (jacques renault remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 9.2M
Don't Blame It On That Girl (Rare Groove Mix).MP3 11-Nov-2011 07:52 8.3M
Don't Lose Your Head (Leadstation Solid Gold Mix).mp3 29-Nov-2011 21:35 10M
Don't Make Me Wait (Maximum Frequency Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:56 7.8M
Dream On Dreamer (Morales Remix).MP3 11-Nov-2011 02:13 10M
Easy (Extended Revolution Remix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:25 6.8M
Easy Lover 2005 (Dmc Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:11 11M
Eye Know (DMC Remix by Chad Jackson).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 10M
Fantasy (Extended Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 6.8M
Five Fathoms (Kevin Yost 'Everything & A Groove' Mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 21M
Flawless (Shapeshifters Remix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:57 16M
Free (mood ii swing extended vocal mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 28M
Free (teo moss and daniel shems remix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 16M
Freedom (Back to Reality Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 14M
Freedom Overspill (Liberty Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 17M
Fun For Me (Doctor Rockit Remix).mp3 27-Nov-2011 23:20 15M
Funky town (DMC remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:11 4.8M
Generations Of Love (Mothers Vocal Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:13 13M
Give Me The Night (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:12 6.0M
Go (Woodtick Mix).mp3 29-Nov-2011 21:35 6.2M
God Is A DJ (Monster Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:50 16M
Gypsy Woman (She 's Homeless) (Dimitri From Paris Remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 12M
Head To Toe.mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:50 12M
Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 20M
Here With Me (Lucas Burton Remix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 9.0M
Here_Comes_The_Rain_Again_(Dmc_Classic_Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:01 20M
High (Inner City Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:18 20M
High-Energy (Vocal Remix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 20M
Higher Love (Extended Mix).mp3 14-Nov-2011 00:00 18M
Higher Love (Extended Remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 18M
Hold On (Extended Version).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:19 4.9M
Holding Out For A Hero (Jellybean Remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 11M
How How (In Silence Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 07:51 10M
I'll Be There (Masters At Work 12inch Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:59 16M
I've Been Losing You (Extended Version).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 12M
I Love To Love (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:15 5.4M
I Wanna Sex You Up (Smoothed Out Mix Long Version).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 7.0M
I Will Survive (Phil Kelsey Classic 12'' Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:59 13M
I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended Remix By Simon Boswell).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:21 15M
Independent Women Part I (Maurice's Radio Mix).mp3 14-Nov-2011 00:00 9.0M
Informer (Clark's Super Radio Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 07:51 5.8M
Into The Night (Acoustic Version).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 3.6M
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Radio.mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 11M
Jump Around (Master Mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 5.2M
Justified & Ancient ('The White Room' Version).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:58 12M
Kiss (Ben Liebrand DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:13 7.1M
La Isla Bonita (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:01 4.7M
La Vie En Rose (Dmc Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:02 13M
Lady (Acoustic).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:23 7.6M
Let's Dance (Club Bolly Extended Mix).mp3 29-Nov-2011 21:34 15M
Let Me Ride (Radio Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 10M
Let The Music Play [Classic Version].mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 8.1M
Liberian Girl (Ben Liebrand Dmc Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:02 6.0M
Little Red Corvette (Dance Remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 14M
Look Who's Dancing (12 Club Mix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:24 13M
Love Makes The World Go Round (Morales Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:14 20M
Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (Swing Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:58 18M
Love and Understanding (Stringapella Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 11M
Manic Monday (Extended California Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:14 12M
Milk (Single - CD 2) - 03 - Garbage - Milk (The Udder Remix - Rabbit In The Moon).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:15 11M
Most Precious Love (Chocolate Puma Remix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 21M
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (12' Version.mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:15 7.7M
Nobody Perfecto 12'.mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 14M
Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:02 18M
On melancholy hill (we have band remix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 8.0M
Power to move ya (F + F Happy Power Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 6.7M
Raspberry Beret (DMC Remix by Paul Dakeyne).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:14 6.1M
Reach (Love To Infinity's Master Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:18 9.3M
Real Love (Masters at Work Detached Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:15 6.4M
Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like That) (Crashing Giant Step Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:56 11M
Relax [New York Mix].mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:15 6.8M
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:50 16M
Richard Rogers - Can't Stop Loving You (Loving Instrumental).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 5.5M
Ride Like The Wind (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:17 9.1M
Rise & Fall (Rishi RichDesi Kulcha Mix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:21 6.9M
Rock On (12'' Power Re-Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 9.3M
Rozalla - Baby (Frankie Knuckles & Laythan Armor's Extended Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 16M
Saffron - Circles (Classic Club Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:38 13M
Saffron - Circles (End Of The Night Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:38 7.6M
Save A Prayer (DMC Mix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:22 16M
Save A Prayer (Dmc Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:02 17M
Se La (12_ Version).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 12M
Shara Nelson - Inside Out (Frankie Knuckles Classic Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 9.2M
Shy Guy (Stripped Salah Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 9.9M
Slave To The Rhythm (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise 12 Inch).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:18 15M
Something 's Jumpin ' In Your Shirt (Walk The Body Mix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:22 18M
Something got me started (e-smooves late night mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 12M
Sounds Of Blackness - I'm Going All the Way (Classic Remix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 18M
Sounds Of Blackness - The Pressure Pt. 1 (Classic 12'' Mix With Vocal Intro).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 19M
Star Guitar (Pete Heller's expanded Mix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:16 20M
Still a friend of mine (Singing Loud Mix).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:23 16M
Strawberry Fields Forever (DMC 12'' U.K. Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:03 6.8M
Sweet Harmony ('Live The Dream' Mix).mp3 14-Nov-2011 00:01 17M
Swing Out Sister - Notgonnachange (Mix Of Drama).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 15M
Take My Breath Away (DMC Drum'n'Bass Turntable Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:03 4.8M
Take The Long Way Home (Grant Nelson's Rollin' Vide).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 12M
Tequila (Interface).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 3.5M
The Boss (Def Club Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 15M
The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Dance Re-Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 7.5M
The Handbrake_mr B Remix.mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 14M
The Neville Brothers - One More Day (Classic Song Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 8.4M
The Pasadenas - Moving In The Right Direction (Classic Deep Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 11M
The look (DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:03 6.7M
The sound of musik (The extended rock 'n' soul version).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 18M
Things Can Only Get Better (Extended Version).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:58 17M
Thinkin' About Respect (Ultimix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 5.6M
Tongue 'N' Cheek - Tomorrow (Warehouse Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 8.6M
Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles Franktidrama Club Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 20M
Total Touch - Touch Me There (Frankie Knuckles' Hipshaker's Delight).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 13M
Towa Tei - Happy (Morning Happiness).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 16M
Tres Delinquentes (?ubano Remix - Spanish).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 7.0M
True (Ben Liebrand DMC Remix).mp3 05-Nov-2011 12:03 13M
Unbreak My Heart Frankie Knuckles (Radio Mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 10M
Underwater Love (Morales Salsoul Mix).MP3 28-Nov-2011 21:21 12M
Unfinished Sympathy (Nellee Hooper 12 Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 8.1M
Uptight (Uno Perfecto Mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 16M
Violently Happy - Massey Mix (Long).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:22 15M
We Come 1 (Wookie Remix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:18 13M
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 16M
When smokey sings (Detroit Mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:50 9.9M
Where has the love gone - (Fire Island 12'' mix).mp3 21-Nov-2011 11:23 18M
White knuckle ride (monarchy remix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:50 11M
White knuckle ride (penguin prison remix).mp3 11-Nov-2011 02:16 9.1M
Why You Treat Me So Bad (Club Mix).mp3 04-Nov-2011 09:49 7.2M
Wild, Wild West (Dance Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 11M
Will Downing - A Love Supreme (Extended Vocal Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 16M
Will Downing - There's No Living Without You (Frankie Knuckles Classy Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 9.0M
Womack & Womack - MPB (Missin' Persons Bureau) (Frankie Knuckles Paradise Ballroom Mix).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 21M
Wop Bop Torledo - Jungle Fever (Def Mix ... The Morning After).mp3 24-Nov-2011 10:37 7.9M
Words (Extended version).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:48 11M
You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay Mix).mp3 19-Nov-2011 13:48 17M
You belong to the city (Extended).mp3 28-Nov-2011 21:23 5.4M
autumn leaves (nellee hooper vocal mix).mp3 13-Nov-2011 23:52 7.6M
oye como va (filip le frick remix).mp3 29-Nov-2011 21:34 15M

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