Murali Coryell - 2120

Coryell's fiery debut, and the first release from Czyz Records, resounds with echoes: singer-guitarist Murali's father is jazz-rock fusion guitarist Larry Coryell; the album title refers to the Chess Studios' South Michigan Street address; "Czyz" is the original Polish surname that became Americanized into "Chess"; and Marshall Chess, who served as co-producer with Murali, heads up this label just like his famous Chess family elders did theirs. But 2120 offers no grounds for nepotism charges because Coryell's electric blues trio, with bassist Bill Foster and drummer Rod Gross, charges out of the gate positively smokin'. The leader's slashing and burning, raw guitar style often sounds like Otis Rush and Buddy Guy. His smoldering and sexy presentation of R&B, blues, soul, and rock (including covers of Bo Diddley and Marvin Gaye) frequently sets off fireworks of Jimi Hendrix proportions, yet, apparently wiser than his years, Coryell never makes the young bluesman's mistake of overplaying.
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