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Rocket from the Tombs-The Day the Earth Met the...

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There once was a time when my life seemed full of stories. Not that I was ever the prolific raconteur, but that there were points of interest that dappled my day. Now routine and listlessness have dulled my senses so that the fella walking down my block carrying a hatchet doesn't even seem to pique my interest (that actually happened). Maybe it's that little surprises me anymore, but it's most likely that I don't even care. Even my grandmother told me I'm boring. So there's no need to explain the saga of this most influential band. Dead Boys, Pere Ubu you all know it. Punk before punk. Yes that too. But fuck...it's Peter Laughner so that means it's mandatory (if you're missing that reference you're missing much more).


The album code is : ODI197306