Adrian Belew - Studio Discography (1982-2014), FLAC

Adrian Belew - Studio Discography (1982-2014), FLAC
Adrian Belew
Real Name:Robert Steven Belew
Adrian Belew is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer who has released 20 solo albums, while working alongside some of the most groundbreaking artists of the past 30 years, including Paul Simon, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, and Nine Inch Nails, among others. For 33 years he was the frontman, singer, and guitarist in art-rock giant King Crimson. Known for pushing the sonic boundaries of guitar, much of Belew's music mixes pop songwriting with complex time signatures, witty lyrics, wild sounds, and a technical mastery of his instrument.
In Groups:
Adrian Belew Power Trio, Discipline (6), King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails, ProjeKct Six, ProjeKct Two, ProjeKct X, The Bears (3), The Crimson Projekct
Variations: Adrian Belew
A Belew, A. Beleu, A. Belew, A.Belew, Adrain Belew, Adrian, Adrian Bellew, Adrian Below, Belew, Адриан Белью

Genre: Avantgarde, Experimental, Prog Rock, Classic Rock / Origins: USA, Europe, Japan / Audio: FLAC (image+.cue) / Scans: +pic
(1982) Lone Rhino (UICY-9237)
(1983) Twang Bar King (UICY-9238)
(1986) Desire Caught By The Tail (90551-2)
(1989) Mr. Music Head (781 959-2)
(1990) Pretty Pink Rose [EP] (86200-2)
(1990) Young Lions (7 82099-2)
(1991) Desire Of The Rhino King (314-510 518-2)
(1992) Inner Revolution (7 82370-2)
(1993) The Acoustic Adrian Belew (abp CD93001-1)
(1994) Here (PCCY-00545)
(1995) The Experimental Guitar Series - Volume 1: The Guitar As Orchestra (DGM 9611)
(1996) Op Zop Too Wah (7243 8 42151 2 5)
(1998) Belewprints: The Acoustic Adrian Belew Volume Two (ABP-04198)
(1999) Salad Days (thi 57061.2)
(1999) Coming Attractions (ABP-06199)
(2004) Side One (SANCD351)
(2005) Side Two (SANCD386)
(2006) Side Three (06076-84777-2)
(2009) e (abp-60109)
(2014) Dust (ABP-1114)

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