The KLF - Discography (1987-2010), 45 releases

The KLF - Discography (1987-2010), 45 releases
Duo composed of James Francis Cauty and William Ernest Drummond. Cauty was born in Devon, England; Drummond was born in South Africa but grew up in the Borders area of Scotland.

KLF adopted the philosophy espoused by esoteric novel series The Illuminatus! Trilogy, gaining notoriety for various anarchic situationist manifestations, including the defacement of billboard adverts, the posting of prominent cryptic advertisements in NME magazine and the mainstream press, and highly distinctive and unusual performances on Top of the Pops. Their most notorious performance was a collaboration with Extreme Noise Terror at the February 1992 BRIT Awards, where they fired machine gun blanks into the audience and dumped a dead sheep at the aftershow party. This performance announced The KLF's departure from the music business, and in May 1992 the duo deleted their entire back catalogue.

With The KLF's profits, Drummond and Cauty established the K Foundation and sought to subvert the art world, staging an alternative art award for the worst artist of the year and burning one million pounds sterling. Although Drummond and Cauty remained true to their word of May 1992—the KLF Communications catalogue remains deleted in the UK—they have released a small number of new tracks since then, as the K Foundation, The One World Orchestra and most recently, in 1997, as 2K.

KLF also published a book, The Manual, and worked on a road movie called The White Room.

K L F, K.L.F, K.L.F., KLF, Kopyright Liberation Front, The K L F, The K.L.F, The K.L.F., The KLF (a.k.a. The JAMS)

1990: Chill Out (KLF Communications JAMS CD5)
1991: The White Room (KLF Communications JAMS CD006)
1997: Waiting For The Rights Of Mu (Echo Beach EB014)
Singles & EPs
1988: Burn The Bastards [KLF Communications KLF 002T]
1989: 3 A.M. Eternal (Pure Trance 2) [KLF Communications KLF 005 T]
1989: 3 A.M. Eternal (The UK Mixes) [KLF Communications KLF 005R]; 192 kbps
1989: Kylie Said To Jason [KLF Communications KLF 010CD]
1989: What Time Is Love (Power Remix) [GiG Records GIG 666 214]; 192 kbps
1990: Madrugada Eterna (Club Mix) [The KLF ETERNITY 23]
1991: 3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) [KLF Communications KLF 005CD]
1991: 3 A.M. Eternal (The Moody Boys Selection) [Blow Up INT 825.799]
1991: 3 A.M. Eternal [DJ: TOCP-6744]
1991: America: What Time Is Love? [KLF Communications SIRCD 20263]
1991: Justified & Ancient [Indisc DICD 8297]
1991: Justified And Ancient [DJ: TODP-2337] (Japan edition)
1991: Last Train To Trancentral (Live From The Lost Continent) [Liberation Records D10418]
1991: Last Train To Trancentral (Meets The Moody Boys Uptown) [KLF Communications KLF 008Y]
1991: No More Tears [Dance Pool PRO 702]
1991: What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) [Arista ASCD-2365]
1992: What Time Is Love? [KLF Communications TODP-2332]
1992: Justified & Ancient (Arista 07822-12403-2)
2005: The KLF Vs Ricardo Villalobos - What Time Is Love? [Blaou Sounds Blaou 036]; VBR V1
2005: The KLF vs. Deichkind / The KLF vs. Mathias Schaffhäuser – Justified & Ancient [Blaou Sounds Blaou 037]; VBR V1
2010: Live @ Helter Skelter (Positive Void Communications PVC CDEP09)
1989: The What Time Is Love Story (KLF Communications JAMS LP 4); 128 kbps
1991: MU (DJ: TOCP-6916)
1992: This Is What The KLF Is About I (KLF Communications TOCP-7401-3)
1992: This Is What The KLF Is About II (KLF Communications TOCP-7404-6)
Unofficial & unreleased
[as Space] 1990: Space
1993: Ultra Rare Trax
1996: The Lost Sounds Of Mu; 192 kbps
1997: The Lost Sounds Of Mu - Vol. II; 192 kbps
1997: The White Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [KLFCD4]; 256 kbps
2010: Recovered & Remastered EP 2
2010: Recovered & Remastered EP 3
2010: Recovered & Remastered EP 5
Other projects
1997: ***k The Millennium (Blast First TOCP-50386)

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu (The JAMs)
1987: 1987 What The Fuck Is Going On? (B&M Productions B&M-1)
1988: Down Town (KLF Communications JAMS 27 T); 192 kbps
1988: The History Of The JAMS A.K.A. The Timelords (TVT Records TVT 4040CD); 128 kbps
1988: Who Killed The Jams? (KLF Communications JAMS LP 2); 192 kbps
1989: Shag Times (KLF Communications JAMS DLP 3)
1991: It's Grim Up North (Blow Up INT 825.926)
1997: Made @ 3 A.M. Coming Down Off E (Positive Void Communications PVC 25CD)

The Timelords
1991: Doctorin' The Tardis (TVT Records TVT 4025-2); 192 kbps

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