Bo Diddley - The Chess Box (2-disc set)

THE CHESS BOX includes 45 tracks taken from the original master tapes. Many of the tracks are either rare or previously unreleased.

Everyone knows the Bo Diddley beat, a tribal thump that's been one of the bedrock rhythms of rock & roll since Diddley unleashed it in his 1955 namesake single. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. With his outrageous sense of style, highly distorted electric guitar, boastful shout/croon, and hard-grooving, full-tilt band (featuring Jerome Green's ubiquitous maracas), Diddley, in many ways, helped define rock & roll.

THE CHESS BOX is as comprehensive an overview of Diddley's work as one is likely to find. The opening sequence alone is enough to persuade; the self-mythologizing "Bo Diddley," bluesy "I'm a Man," and downright scary "Who Do You Love" lay down the fundaments of rock music. Over the rest of the two-disc, 45-track set, which follows the artist's tenure at Chess right up to 1969, Diddley shifts from sly shuffles to soulful ballads to all-out rave-ups. In short, this is music that belongs in any rock & roller's library.

Bo Diddley (vocals, guitar, violin); Jerome Green (vocals, maracas); Jody Williams (guitar); Eddie Drennon (violone); Little Willie Smith, Lester Davenport, Billy Boy Arnold (harmonica); Henry Gray, Lafayette Leake, Otis Spann (piano); Clifton James, Frank Kirkland (drums); Cornelia Redmond (maracas, tambourine); The Carnations, The Flamingos , The Moonglows (background vocals).

Album: The Chess Box (disc 1)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 66:00
Size: 151.1 MB
Label: Chess
Styles: Electric Chicago blues, Rock n Roll, Early R&B
Year: 1990
Art: Front

[2:48] 1. Bo Diddley
[3:00] 2. I'm A Man
[2:53] 3. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
[2:28] 4. Diddley Daddy
[2:50] 5. Pretty Thing
[2:41] 6. Bring It To Jerome [Alternate Take]
[2:29] 7. Bring It To Jerome
[2:34] 8. Diddy Wah Diddy
[2:33] 9. I'm Looking For A Woman
[2:29] 10. Who Do You Love
[3:13] 11. Down Home Special
[2:13] 12. Hey! Bo Diddley
[2:22] 13. Mona
[2:33] 14. Say Boss Man
[3:06] 15. Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)
[3:13] 16. Say Man [Single Version]
[3:06] 17. Hush Your Mouth [Alternate Take]
[2:59] 18. The Clock Strikes Twelve
[3:18] 19. Dearest Darling [Alternate Take]
[2:06] 20. Crackin' Up
[2:46] 21. Don't Let It Go (Hold On To What You Got)
[2:26] 22. I'm Sorry
[2:50] 23. Mumblin' Guitar
[2:53] 24. The Story Of Bo Diddley

The Chess Box (disc 1)

Album: The Chess Box (disc 2)
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 62:42
Size: 143.5 MB
Label: Chess
Styles: Electric Chicago blues, Rock n Roll, Early R&B
Year: 1990
Art: Front

[4:03] 1. She's Alright
[3:04] 2. Say Man, Back Again [Alternate Take]
[2:49] 3. Road Runner [Single Version]
[2:38] 4. Spend My Life With You
[2:47] 5. Cadillac
[4:28] 6. Signifying Blues [Extended Version]
[2:22] 7. Deed And Deed I Do
[2:56] 8. You Know I Love You
[2:30] 9. Look At My Baby
[3:03] 10. Ride On Josephine
[2:28] 11. Aztec
[2:29] 12. Back Home
[2:50] 13. Pills
[2:23] 14. Untitled Instrumental
[4:27] 15. I Can Tell
[3:14] 16. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
[2:56] 17. Who May Your Lover Be
[2:43] 18. The Greatest Lover In The World
[2:55] 19. 500% More Man
[2:51] 20. Ooh Baby
[2:37] 21. Bo Diddley 1969

The Chess Box (disc 2)

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