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Pink Lady
Pink Lady is a Japanese Pop duo that rose to fame in the '70s. The duo consists of Mitsuyo Nemoto (Mie (2)) & Keiko Kuwaki (Kei) (formerly known as Keiko Masuda). They were one of the biggest Disco acts in Japan from the late '70s, and are regarded as an important piece of Japan's musical history due to their uniquely choreographed dances they created themselves for each of their songs. They disbanded in 1981, but have since reunited several times.

Yuji Ohno - Space Kid (1978) {Vinyl} [mp3 320]
Pink Lady - Golden Best Complete Single Collection - ピンク・レディー - ゴールデン☆ベスト 2009
Hiromi Iwasaki - あおぞら (1975)
[1979.12.01] We Are Sexy (ウィ・アー・セクシー) (320 Kbps)
Pink Lady - Pink Lady (Pink Lady In USA)
Yuji Ohno - CHiPs (1981) {Vinyl} [mp3 192]
Pink Lady - Pink Lady History (2011)
Miki Matsubara (1980.01.21) Pocket Park
Hiroshi Satoh - This Boy (1985)
Pink Lady - Kiss In The dark (US 12'' Promo) (1979)
Hiromi Iwasaki - FANTASY
Hitomi Penny Tohyama - Just Call Me Penny (1981.05.25)
[1984.06.21] Suspense Pink Lady Again (320 Kbps)
[1978.03.05] Bye Bye Carnival (バイ・バイ・カーニバル) (320 Kbps)
[1977.01.25] Pepper Keibu (ペッパー警部)
[1978.11.05] Hoshi Kara Kita Futari (星から来た二人) (320 Kbps)
[1981.12.05] Sayonara Pink Lady (さよならピンク・レディー) (320 Kbps)
[1979.08.05] Magical Musical Tour (Fushigi na Tabi) (不思議な旅) (320 Kbps)
[1978.06.25] America!America!America!(アメリカ!アメリカ!アメリカ!) (320 Kbps)
[1978.09.05] '78 ジャンピング·サマー·カーニバル (320 Kbps)
[1979.xx.xx] Pink Lady (160 Kbps)
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