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Joe Pasquale - Riccochet [Japan] (1994)

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Genre - Rock

Music Style: : AOR, Yacht Rock

Price : EUR

Label - Pioneer LDC

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Artist - Joe Pasquale
Album - Riccochet
Year - 1994
Format - CD, Album
Country - Japan
Code - OD-K-144598

1 Time Will Never Know
2 Tell Me ... Stay The Night
3 Test Of Love
4 So Let It Be Written
5 Tell Me Something Good
6 Riccochet
7 Nikki
8 As Long As I Have You
9 Sometimes
10 Person To Person
11 Someday We'll Be Together

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Total length: unknown
"Riccochet" is more westcoast-pop oriented than the terrific first album. Tracks like "Tell Me...Stay The Night", "Person To Person" or the title track are too much modern R&B to my tastes. But don't worry, quality is still here. On "Test My Love", "Time Will Never Know" and the excellent piano-ballad "Sometimes", Pasquale sounds like the good Richard Marx. "So Let It Be Written" has a sweet feel, it's a calm midtempo with a relaxed rhythm section and good guitar solo. One of my favorites. "Nikki" is a very good, emotional ballad, with great lyrics to become a potential hit. "As Long As I Have You" is another favorite, a westcoast tune with pop sensibility and a melodic guitar solo.

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