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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Code - OD-K-144494

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Best Club Remixes 2k18
Style: Club, Vocal, Funky, Groove, Nu Disco
Release Date: 26-10-2018
Quality: MP3/320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 20 Tracks
Size: 213 MB/01:33:24 Min

01. Jason Parker Feat. Elaine Winter - Dancing On My Own (Club Mix) 5:25
02. Tosch Feat. Christina - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Steve Cypress Remix) 4:43
03. Naxwell Feat. Patricio Amc - We Are The Night (Extended Club Mix) 4:42
04. John Bounce Feat. Max Landry - Not Alone (Frank Degrees Remix) 5:19
05. 2 Splaesh - I Love You (Ian Turner Remix) 3:56
06. Chris Excess Feat. Lexine - It Feels So Good (Club Mix) 5:04
07. Tom Civic - Winner (Tc Mix) 3:12
08. Jason Prince - Careless Whisper (Calenzo Club Mix) 3:38
09. Project Blue Sun - Fiesta (Club Mix) 7:18
10. Felicia Uwaje - A Deeper Love (Akira Yamamoto Club Mix) 5:17
11. Miss Autumn Leaves Feat. Frank Degrees And Iane Robbertson - Move Up And Down (Extended Mix) 5:45
12. Crazy Sir-G Feat. Victor Siva - The Power Of The Moment (Enea Marchesini Moombathon Mix) 4:34
13. Bernd Loorbach - Cafe Del Mar (Dj Marjanski And Tony Brown Remix) 4:41
14. Markus D'ambrosi Feat. Marga Gonzales - Lick It (Naxwell Remix) 4:44
15. Andy Ztoned - We Let It Go (Calenzo Remix) 4:07
16. Tobias Blobaum - High Above The Sky (Deephouse Mix) 3:06
17. Naxwell - Love Is The Answer (Extended Mix) 5:39
18. G-Lati And Mellons Feat. Damian Pipes - Hero (Club Edit) 3:49
19. Carol Jiani - Feel It (Andre Schluter Funky Night Mix) 3:10
20. Seibaz Feat. Simon Romano - Until The Music Stops (Frozen Skies Remix) 5:17[/spoiler]


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