Wild Rose - II 2집 - 너를 기억하며 (Remembering You) (1994) K-Pop 320KBS

Wild Rose - II 2집 - 너를 기억하며 (Remembering You) (1994) K-Pop 320KBS
Country South Korea
Style Melodic Hard Rock
Band Members
Choe Jeong Suk – Vocals, Gim Jae Mi – Guitars, Yi In Hui – Bass, Yi Jin Ran – Drums, Mee Jung Seol – Keyboards

01. Remember you (04:25),
02. I or You (03:36),
03. For you,Goodbye (04:41),
04. Rock Cafe (03:04),
05. Myself (04:11),
06. Flowering (04:22),
07. A Dream of a Time (03:06),
08. Another Day (03:48),
09. To You (04:36),
10. These Days (04:14)

Profile Hidden jewel from S. Korea . All time female rock band from Busan formed in 1990, releasing two albums. Their debut back in 1993 and their second a year later. WILD ROSE II is their best of the two released by Seoul Records, a real masterpeace, well produced and performed with strong melodies and harmony tunes while the style varies between melodic hard rock song to pop and heavy metal tunes. Extremely hard to be found and worth the search...
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