Rob Cassels (Rob Cassels Band) - Discography (5 ALBUMS)

Album Art Cover
Rob Cassels ‎– Evening Pastoral
Label:Sword Records ‎– SWR-7004-LP
Format:Vinyl, LP
Prog Rock
1A Battle's Won 3:28
2A Evening Pastoral 4:07
3A Lunar Trot 2:44
4A Windfelt 3:27
5A Round The Mountain 2:22
1B Baby Song 4:26
2B Darkness Is A Goner 2:47
3B Sherry 3:44
4B Know He Loves Me 3:58
5B Testimony Song 3:55

Rob Cassels Band ‎– Kamikaze Christian
Label:Morada Records ‎– MZS 056
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Hard Rock, Gospel
A1 You Think I'm Crazy
A2 So Safe In You
A3 I Am So Happy
A4 Rebel Yell
A5 Kamikaze Christian
B1 Hermit Man
B2 Hermitage Of The Lord
B3 God Is Standing By
B4 You Don't Know
B5 He's Everywhere

The Rob Cassels Band* ‎– Off The Wall
Label:Morada Records ‎– MZS 240
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Style:Religious, Rock & Roll, Southern Rock

A1 Escape 3:06
A2 Off The Wall 3:15
A3 Resurrection Power 3:20
A4 Only Your Love 2:48
A5 Broken Man 4:03
B1 Countdown 2:54
B2 I Will Never Leave You 3:21
B3 Turning 3:14
B4 They Don't Understand 3:25
B5 The Reverend Silk 2:23

Voyagers by Rob Cassels Band
Year -2009

1 Voyagers
2 Epidemic of Love
3 Off The Wall
4 Countdown
5 Resurrection Power
6 Turning
7 Broken Man
8 Escape
9 I Will Never Leave You
10 You Think I'm Crazy
11 Living On The Edge
12 What's That Voice
13 Shoot it Straight
14 Crack

Classics Anthology by Rob Cassels Band
Year : 2009
1 Battle's Won
2 Evening Pastoral
3 Lunar Trott
4 Baby Song
5 Darkness is A Goner
6 Testimony
7 You Think I'm Crazy
8 So Safe in You
9 Off The Wall
10 Kamikaze Christian
11 Hermit Man
12 Heritage of the Lord
13 You Just Don't Know
14 He's Everywhere
15 Resurrection Power
16 I Will Never Leave You
17 Turning
18 Shoot it Straight
19 What's That Voice
20 Save Yourself For Love
21 Living On The Edge
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