Michael Franks - The Music In My Head (2018)

Album Art Cover
Label : P-Vine Records / Shanachie Ent Corp.

01 - As Long As We're Both Together (Michael Franks)
02 - Suddenly Sci-Fi (Michael Franks)
03 - The Idea Of A Tree (Michael Franks)
04 - Bluebird Blue (Michael Franks)
05 - To Spend The Day With You (Michael Franks)
06 - Bebop Headshop (Michael Franks)
07 - Where You Hid The Truth (Michael Franks)
08 - The Music In My Head (Michael Franks)
09 - Candleglow (Michael Franks)
10 - Waterfall (Michael Franks)

Executive Producer : Scott Petito
Assisted by Beth Reineke
CD Assembled, Mixed & Mastered ; All Vocals Recorded by Scott Petito
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