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VA - Latino Dance Party (2006)

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Genre - Electronic

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Label - Zyx Records

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Tags: Dance Latino Party

Artist - Various
Album -
Year - 2006
Format -
Country -
Code - OD-K-142393

Track List:

Disc 1
01. Sing Hallelujah [Radio Version]
02. Skynight [Radio Edit]
03. Oui [Original Album Version]
04. Rumbamania [7" Version]
05. Hips Don't Lie
06. In Your Eyes [Radio Version]
07. Uh La La La [Short Edit]
08. Sunshine [Album Version]
09. I'm No Latino [Radio Edit]
10. Watch the Sunrise [Radio Edit]
11. Paris by Night [Original Edit]
12. Noche del Amor [Radio Mix]
13. Chiki Ban [Original Mix]
14. Vamos al Mare [Latin Mix]
15. Te Quiero [Radio Version Spanish]
16. Angelina [Radio Edit]
17. It's Summertime [Original Radio Edit]
18. Ya Llego
19. Mas Que Nada
20. Beso [Album Version]

Disc 2
01. Move in My Direction [Bobby Blanko & Miki Moto Vocal Edit]
02. Pura Pasion [Album Version]
03. Hermanas [Radio Edit]
04. Matador [Radio Version]
05. Natasha [European Dance Mix]
06. Heartbreaker [Radio Edit]
07. Saxo [Radio Edit]
08. Dios le Pido
09. Can't Take My Eyes off of You [Remix 2006]
10. Kiss Me Now [Radio Edit]
11. Me Gusta La Vida [Radio Edit]
12. Nice 'N Slow [Re-Rec]
13. Copacabana [Album Version]
14. Don't Wanna Be Your Man [Radio Mix]
15. To Nem Ai [Original Mix]
16. Waterman [Radio Mix]
17. Dime Chico, Oye Chica [Ragga Single Mix]
18. Club Tropicana [Vinylshakerz Screen Cut]
19. Chacarron [Reggaeton]
20. Lemon Tree

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