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Wolfman Jack - Howlin' On The Air (CD)

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Genre - Non-Music, Children's, Comedy

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Label - Big Ear Music

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Artist - Wolfman Jack
Album -
Year - 1998
Format -
Country -
Code - OD-K-139411

Wolfman Jack ‎– Howlin' On The Air
Label:Big Ear Music ‎– EAZ-4004
Format:CD, CD-ROM, Stereo
Genre:Non-Music, Pop

1 –Wolfman Jack Wolfman Intro 0:25
2 –Bobby Day Rock-In Robin/Wolfman Theme 4:09
3 –Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers I Want You To Be My Girl 2:49
4 –Wolfman Jack Here Comes The Wolfman Theme / She's Looking Good 2:39
5 –Wolfman Jack Kool Cigarettes Commercial 0:57
6 –The Marathons Peanut Butter 1:55
7 –The Solitaires Walking Along 2:34
8 –Wolfman Jack Wolfman Phone Call 2:18
9 –Freddy Cannon Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 2:24
10 –The Crows Gee 2:08
11 –Wolfman Jack 72 Original Oldies Commercial/Colt 45 Commercial 2:41
12 –Jessie Hill Whip It On Me 3:02
13 –The Eternals Rockin' In The Jungle 2:20
14 –The Harptones Life Is But A Dream 2:41
15 –The Jewels Hearts Of Stone 2:41
16 –Wolfman Jack Roots Of Rock Commercial/Colt 45 Commercial 1:38
17 –Faye Adams Shake A Hand 2:41
18 –The Five Du-Tones Shake A Tail Feather 2:17
19 –Wolfman Jack B.C. Powder Commercial/Wolfman Phone Call 1:41
20 –The Willows Church Bells May Ring 2:20
21 –Little Anthony & The Imperials Tears On My Pillow 2:09
22 –Wolfman Jack Wind Up Wolfman Bit 1:02
23 –Huey Piano Smith and The Clowns Don't You Just Know It 2:28
24 –Wolfman Jack Country Club Malt Liquor Commercial 0:47
25 –Wolfman Jack Wolfman Phone Call 1:32
26 –Count Five Psychotic Reaction 2:54
27 –Wolfman Jack Rainer Ale Commercial/Xerb Jingle 0:57
28 –The Videos Trickle Trickle 2:03
29 –Toussaint McCall Nothing Takes The Place Of You 3:16

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