Blue Magic - Discography (12 Albums) 1974-2004

Blue Magic
Soul vocal group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Formed in 1972.
The Delfonics' Randy Cain brought Ted Mills to ATCO Records for writing duties and an early formation as Shaed Of Love of the other members, were audiotioning the same period.
Ted Mills became the leader of the group.
They released eight albums between 1974 - 1989
Their most succesful hits are from the ATCO Records years - "Sideshow", "Three Ring Circus" and their collaboration with Margie Joseph, "What's Come Over Me".


1974 - Blue Magic (320kbps) (00:43:41)
1975 - The Magic Of The Blue (320kbps) (00:44:59)
1975 - Thirteen Blue Magic Lane (320kbps) (00:37:40)
1976 - Mystic Dragons (320kbps) (00:43:15)
1978 - Message From The Magic (320kbps) (00:36:06)
1981 - Welcome Back (320kbps) (00:37:16)
1983 - Magic # (320kbps) (00:39:32)
1986 - Greatest Hits Blue Magic (320kbps) (00:58:00)
1989 - From Out Of The Blue (192kbps) (01:03:25)
1992 - Soulful Spell (The Best Of Blue Magic) (256kbps) (01:18:51)
2004 - Blue Magic - Magic Fantasy (256kbps)
1995 - My Magic Is Real ‎(320kbps)

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