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Ian Whitcomb - The Golden Age of Tin Pan Alley [2-CD set] 2009

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Artist - Ian Whitcomb
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Year - 2009
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Code - OD-K-136529

The Golden Age of Tin Pan Alley
Rivermont BSW-3137

Following his meteoric rise to fame as a rock star in the 1960s "British Invasion," Grammy-winner Ian Whitcomb turned his attention to the popular songs of the ragtime era and "Tin Pan Alley" -- music of the 1910s, '20s, and '30s. This special limited edition 2-CD set contains 51 of the era's best songs, delivered in Whitcomb's inimitable style. From hot fox-trots to sentimental ballads, from comedy novelty songs to gentle waltzes, this collection celebrates a time when the melodies were tuneful and the lyrics had heart. Personally selected by Ian Whitcomb, this compilation includes several selections not previously released. The package includes a deluxe, full-color illustrated 32-page booklet with extensive notes by Glenn Robison.

144 minutes on two CDs. Recorded 1972-2009.

Disc One

1. At the Ball, That's All
2. They Didn't Believe Me
3. I'm Crying Just For You
4. Kismet - An Arabian Song and Fox Trot
5. If I Could Be With You (One Hour To-Night)
6. Oh! I Wish I Was Tarzan
7. You Went Away Too Far
8. Who's Sorry Now
9. The Charleston
10. Dance and Grow Thin
11. Wonderful One
12. I Was a Fool
13. Me-ow
14. Every Now and Then
15. Da, Da, Da, My Darling
16. Just the Same
17. Sweet Cider Time When You Were Mine
18. Play a Simple Melody
19. Everywhere You Go
20. My Cutie's Due (At Two-to-Two Today)
21. My Sweetie
22. Old New England Moon
23. The Flower Garden Ball
24. Honey Bunch
25. Who Wants a Bad Little Boy?
26. Chong (He Come From Hong Kong)
27. The Honeysuckle and the Bee

Disc Two

1. Mandy, How Do You Do?
2. Robinson Crusoe's Isle
3. My Wife Is Dancing Mad
4. What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?
5. That Twentieth Century Rag
6. I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier
7. When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band to France
8. When the Bees Make Honey (Down in Sunny Alabam')
9. A Precious Little Thing Called Love
10. She Lives Down in Our Alley
11. Emma Louise
12. For Me and My Gal
13. Rosy Cheeks
14. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
15. It's All Over Now
16. Dream Train
17. Mandy
18. Till We Meet Again
19. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
20. A Cottage for Sale
21. Twelve O'Clock at Night
22. Girl of My Dreams
23. I'll Take Care of Your Cares
24. The House of Dreams

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