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VA - Girls Girls Girls VOL 1-15 15 CDS SET (1994-1995)

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Genre - Pop

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Label - Marginal Records

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Tags: Girls Girls Girls

Artist - VariousVarious
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Year - 1994-1995
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Code - OD-K-134160


THIS IS THE COMPLETE SERIES! All 15 Volumes as one Set!

Volume 1:

1) MIXED UP SHOOK UP GIRL (Val Mac-Kenna) (Mc Griff-L. Huff)
2) THAT MAN OF MINE (Cathy cind Cookie) (Ch. Blakeney)
3) SOUR GRAPES (Patsy Ann Noble) (Batchelor-Roberts)
4) I KNOW A GIRL (Bet. E. Martin) (S, Tepper-Bennett)
5) SAN JUAN (Ethel Ennis) (B. Raleigh-H. Zacharias)
6) WHO'S THAT (Tracey Dey) (B. Crewe-B. Gaudio)
7) DUMB HEAD (Gini Arnell) (Hess-Munte)
8) ISN'T IT A LOVELY DAY? (P. Clark) (Berlin)
9) A SCHOOLGIRL'S DREAM (Tammy Levon) (Garfield-Weber)
10) SPEAKING OF HAPINESS (Gloria Lynne) (Scott-Radcliffe)
11) BEGINNER'S LUCK (Billie Dawne) (Labowsky-J. Shapiro)
12) SOFT SPOKEN GUY (Diane Renay) (B. Crewe-E. Rambeau-B. Rehak)
13) CAREFUL CAREFUL (Eilleen Radgers) (Pockriss-Vance)
14) OH, LOOK AT ME NOW! (Carmen Mac Rae) (Devries-Buskin)
15) HE KNOWS HOW TO LOVE ME (H. Shapiro) (H. Shapiro)
16) SLOW JERK (Sherrys) (J.D. Cook)
17) FOR GIVE ME (Babs Tino) (David-Bacharrah)
18) GONNA MAKE HIM MY BABY (April Young) (Andreoli-Poncia-Calvert)
19) IN THE FIRST PLACE (Terri Allen) (P. Vance-E. Snyder)
20) HE DOESN'T WANT YOU (Molly bee) (Ballard-Marks)
21) LIPS (Azie Modimer) (Leiber-Stroller)
22) SOMEBODY ELSE'S BABY (Dianc Castle) (Nader-Gluck-Darrow)
23) TAKIN BACK WHAT !SAID (Little Eva) (C. Taylor)
24) CROOK HIS LITTLE FINGER (Ann Heywood) (Hollins-Buchanon)
25) PLEASE DON'T GO (Yvonne Carroll) (Sloan and Berri)

Volume 2:

1) FOOL IN LOVE (Jan Burnette) (Jones- Duncan)
2) OVERNIGHT (Toni Carroll) (Anisfield)
3) PLEASE DON'T CRY ANYMORE (Ketty Lester) (Douglas-Kusik)
4) MAKE THE NIGHT A LITTLE LONGER (Ramona King) (Goffin-King)
5) LOVE ME FOREVER (Paula Watson) (Watson)
6) LET ME TELL YOU BABY (Susan Rafey) (Anthony)
7) WITHOUT YOUR LOVE (Julie Rogers) (Hawker-Schroeder)
8) DANCING ON THE CEILING (Dodie Stevens) (Rodgers-Hart)
9) IF YOU WANNA BE MORE THAN FRIENDS (Potsy onn Noble) (Barratt)
10) MY HEART STOOD STILL (Bernadette Carroll) (Rodgers-Had)
11) YOU CAN NEVER GET AWAY FROM ME (Georgia Gibbs) (Greenfield-Keller)
12) JUST FOR THE BOY (Anita Humes) (Koppelman-Rubin)
13) WELCOME HOME (Shelley Fabores) (Kay-Springer)
14) I'TS BETTER TO CRY TODAY (Potsy Ann Noble) (Snyder-Levitte-Catalong)
15) SHE S NEW TO YOU (Molly Bee) (Silver-Owen)
16) ANY OTHER WAY (Monalisa) (Bell)
17) ONLY YOU COULD DO THAT TO MY HEART (Peggy March) (Powers-Keller)
18) ITTY BITTY HEART (J. Mae Matthews) (Szilogy-Williams-Gipson)
19) HE'S MY LITTLE DEVIL (Gini Arnell) (Taylor)
20) A LITTLE YOU (Sunny Gale) (Wilson-Shorp)
21) CAN'T RUN TO DADDY(Terri Allen) (Vonce)
22) TRY LOVE (Sparkles) (Bennes-C(irr)
23) GROWING UP TOO FAST (Diane Renay) (Crewe-Gaudio)
24) I WANNA HEAR IT FROM YOU (Nancy Adams) (Huddlestonn)
25) YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROVE A THING TO ME (Dodie Stevens) (Shooley-Shannon)

Volume 3:

1) HAUNTED LOVER (Carole Bennett) (Pockriss - Vance)
2) THEN ONLY THEN (Julie Grant) (Gimbel - Altman)
3) CRACK IN THE DOOR (P. Ann Noble) (Slavin - Gail - Ross)
4) HE'S NO GOOD (Bakertwins) (T. Hatch)
5) HI DIDDLE-DE DIDDLE (Cathy and Cookie) (Blakeney)
6) SPIDER IN THE WEB (Dooley sisters) (Corpora - Rogers)
7) MAKE HIM MINE (Susan Maughan) (Barratt)
8) FOR MY SAKE (Girlfriends) (Gates)
9) DOOLANG (Andrea Carroll) (Greenfield - Miller)
10) MAN OF MYSTERY (Diane Renay) (Crewe - Callello)
11) CITTA VUOTA (Mina) (Pomus - Shuman)
12) BABY COME HOME (Ruby and Romantics) (Hilliard - Garson)
13) HE DON-T LOVE ME (Shelley Fabares) (Barry - Altford - Gibson)
14) ISN'T THAT LOVE ? (Raindrops) (Barry - Greenwich)
15) I WISH 1 KNEW WHAT DRESS TO WEAR (G. Arnell) (Shayne - Regney)
16) GO AWAY (Tracey Dey) (Crewe - Gaudio)
17) ONLY ONE SUCH AS YOU (Jackie Trent) (Andrews)
18) I WANT HIM (Joanne Engel) (Wecht - Walsh)
19) THAT BOY IS MESSING UP MY MIND (Orchids) (Barry - Greenwich)
20) TENDER LOVER (Opals) (Mc. Gill - Allison)

Volume 4:

1) I'LL BE ALL ALONE (Barbara Redd) (Guida-Royster)
2) WALK SOFTLY (Joanne Touchstone) (Simon)
3) IS THAT THE WAY YOU PLANNED IT (Betty O'Brien) (Stevenson)
4) IS IT OVER BABY ? (Cindy Malone) (Fitting)
5) I REALLY LOVE YOU (Jeannie Allen) (Allen-Campbell)
6) I DON'T DESERVE A BOY LIKE YOU (Barbara English) (Kolber-Keller)
7) TOMMOROW NEVER CAME (Jean Brooks) (Garson-Lewis)
8) CALL ME A FOOL (Norma Jean) (Gentille-Lombert)
9) THERE GOES THE LUCKY ONE (Jackie Lee) (Beadle-Conrad)
10) FOOTSTEPS OF A FOOL (Mavis Rivers) (Wyche-Steward)
11) NON GUARDAMI (Claudia Mori) (Prata-Piacchi-Panzuti)
12) SH... LISTEN ! (Miss Cathy Brasher) (Angel)
13) JOEY (Kelly sisters) (Weismantel-London)
14) MY MAN (Carolyn Brant) (Yvain-Willemetz-Davis)
15) DON'T MONKEY WITH ME (Lollipops) (Kusik-Douglas)
16) PRETTY LITTLE WORDS (Tawny Williams) (Stevens)
17) I WANNA BE YOUR LOVER (Diane Emond) (De Vorzon-Chandler)
18) WHAT I GOTTA DO (Jenny Lee) (Clark)
19) SCARY MOVIES (Monica Kirby) (White)
20) HEARTLESS LOVER (Vocal girl version) (Dick Baker) (Baker)

Volume 5:

1) PIXIE GIRL (Jil Jackson) (Jackson)
2) I'LL HAVE TO LET HIM GO (Martha+Vandelas) (Stevenson)
3) TROUBLE OVER THE WEEK-END (Betty Everett) (Singleton-Snyder)
4) WHY'D YOU WANNA MAKE ME CRY FOR (Connie Stevens) (Goffin-King)
5) WHERE DO I GO? (Little Eva) (Goffin-King)
6) RESIST (Petula Clark) (Grant)
7) BABY PLEASE DON'T GO (Jo Ann Henderson) (Henderson)
8) RECIPE FOR LOVE (Ronettes) (Miller-Denson)
9) HARD WAY TO GO (Exciters) (Mc Coy)
10) PRETTY LITTLE BABY (Connie Francis) (Stirling-Nauman)
11) WHEN YOUR LOVER COMES BACK (Mary Wells) (Gordy)
12) GOING BACK WHERE I BELONG (Sugar Pie Desanto) (Parham)
13) IF YOU LOVE HIM (Joannie Sommers) (Darin)
14) MAKE ME BELONG TO YOU (Barbara Lewis) (Mc Coy)
15) SHE'LL BE GONE (Betty O'Brian) (Williams-Byers)
16) BAD BOY (The Donays) (France)
17) WATCH WHAT YOU DO WITH MY BABY (Julie Grant) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)
18) I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU (Jo Ann Campbell) (Hatcher)
19) FROM JIMMY WITH TEARS (Honeys) (Kaye-Glover)
20) SONG WITHOUT END (Barbara Ruskin) (Ruskin)

Volume 6:

1) HEAVEN FOR A WHILE (Pat Hervey) (Wyns)
2) YOU GOT ME IN A FIX (Susan King) (Wright-Lucie)
3) NOBODY LOVES ME (Ann Craig) (Caroll-Armstread)
4) HOLD BACK THE TEARS (Shockettes) (Jackson-Banks)
5) MY SUMMER LOVE (Diane Ray) (Wayne-Moore)
6) THE DANCE IS OVER (Eydie Gorme) (Goffin-Weiss-King)
7) WALK SOFTLY CHILDREN (Elisabeth Lands) (Martin)
8) OLE FATHER TIME (Millie Foster) (Winfield-Scott)
9) LAUGHABLE (Shirley Bolt) (Preston)
10) THE BIG CHANGE (Anna King) (Dixon-Edwards-Weiss)
11) GEE! IT'S GREAT TO DE YOUNG (Susan Singer) (Rogers)
12) DON'T LAUGH IF I CRY AT YOUR PARTY (Tamiko) (Kerr-Barnes)
13) I'LL FIND YOU (The Bee Jays) (Simpson-Ashford)
14) GOSSIP (The Tiffanies) (Williams)
15) GOODBYE CRUEL LOVE (Linda Griner) (Robinson)
16) YOU PULLED A FAST ONE (The Vip's) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)
17) WHATCH WHAT YOU DO WITH MY BABY (Peggy March) (Giant-Baum-Kaye)
18) MAY BE (Jane Morgan) (O'Mahonney)
19) LITTLE THINGS LIKE THAT (Suzy Wallis) (Titleman-Colber)
20) YOU MADE A FOOL OF ME (Darlene Mc Crea) (Vann)

Volume 7:

1) SECOND BEST (Barbara Jackson) (James-Gregory)
2) LITTLE LOST LOVER (Denise Germaine) (Edwards)
3) IT HURTS TO BE SIXTEEN (Andrea Carroll) (Grossmann)
4) TAKE A WORD (Marcy Jo) (Shul-Meshel)
5) LOCK YOUR HEART AWAY (Susan Singer) (Schroeder-Hawker)
6) WHY DON'T YOU LET YOURSELF GO ? (Sapphires) (Clark)
7) AT THIS STAGE OF THE GAME (Linda Lawrence) (Brass-Levine-Kooper)
8) YOU DON'T KNOW GIRLS (Kathy Linden) (Stallman-Jacobson)
9) PLEASE DON'T TALK TO THE LIFEGUARD (Diane Ray) (Dee-Goehring)
10) HE'S THE ONLY BOY FOR ME (Diane Coleman) (Varnick)
11) LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (Lollipops) (Ossman)
12) FORGET YOU (Vikki Carr) (Rascal-Sherman-Weiss)
13) YOU CAN'T STOP ME (FROM DREAMING) (Betty O'Brien) (Otis-Williams)
14) A BEATLE MEETS A LADYBUG (Paula Lamont) (Stone)
15) JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES (Jackie De Shannon) (De Shannon)
16) WHY DON'T THAT BOY LEAVE ME ALONE ? (Diane Christian)(Spencer)
17) ARE YOU THE BOY ? (Tuesday Weld) (Perry)
18) HULLABALOO (Joey Heatherton) (Davis-Williams-Butler-Lance)
19) IT'S MY TIME (The Drew-Vels) (Black)
20) I CRIED (Tammy Montgomery) (Brown-Byrd)

Volume 8:

1) WHERE DID I GO WRONG? (Marilyn Powell) (Ruskin)
2) LET LOVE DO THE TALKING (Diane Leigh) (Pouliot)
3) MIXED UP SHOOK UP GIRL (Patty and the Emblems) (Huff-Mc Griff)
4) HURRY HOME TO ME (Anita Bryant) (Nathan)
5) HASTE MAKES WASTE (Jackie Ross) (Davis-Caston)
6) I'M ON MY WAY (Barbara Dane) (Dane)
7) MY BOYFRIEND ... (Becky and the Lollipops) (Motola -Page)
8) WHAT KIND OF GIRL (Demetris Tapp) (Byers)
9) AFTER THE LAUGHTER (Marcie Blane) (Goodman-Simon)
10) HE'S A LOVER (Tutti Hill) (Miller-Porter)
11) I TALK TO YOUR PICTURE (Lesley Miller) (Miller)
12) THE HAPPIEST BIRTHOAY PARTY (Lollipops) (Moffitt)
13) LIVE IT UP (Laurie Sisters) (Stillman-Canfora)
14) CALL HIM BACK (Donna Lewis) (Meshel-Barr)
15) LOVER IS JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR FOOL (Diane Trask) (Wolf-Raleigh)
16) WHY AM I SO SHY? (The Three Pennies) (Margo-Medress)
17) STUCK ON YOU (Yvonne Carroll) (Mc Cor)
18) YOUR KISSES KILL ME (Eydie Gorme) (Discant-Laurence)
19) PLEASE (Linda Leigh) (Rotella-Sanicola)
20) I'LL MAKE YOU MUSIC (Beverly Bremers) (Roberts)

Volume 9:

1) FREE AT LAST (Fontella Bass) (Sain)
2) WALK ON THE WILD SIDE (Marilyn Brown) (Van- Huesen-Cahn)
3) ALL THE OTHER GIRLS (Donna Douglas) (Westlake)
4) COME SEE ABOUT ME (Gladys Knight) (Covay-Porter)
5) OH! NEIL (Carole King) (Goffin-Sedaka-Greenfield)
6) HE MEANS THE WORLD To ME (Supremes) (Whitfield)
7) BIG BAD WORLD (Cathy Saint) (Powers-Fisher)
8) HIS LIPS GET IN THE WAY (Shirelles) (Miller-Greenfield)
9) THINK A LITTLE SUGAR (Barbara Lewis) (Lewis)
10) ONLY YOU CAN DO IT (Vernon Girls) (Blackwell)
11) SAILOR BOY (The Sherry Sisters) (Basile-Gari)
12) ONE STEP AT A TIME (Maxime Brown) (Simpson-Ashford)
13) THERE GOES THE BOY 1 LOVE WITH MARY (Donna Lynn) (Wolf-Bower)
14) AIN'T GONNA CRY NO MORE (Gwenn Stacey) (Gates)
15) IN THE FIRST PLACE (Glenda Collins) (Vance-Snyder)
16) WAITING FOR MY BABY BABY (Barbara Simpson) (Lewis)
17) ARE YOU GETTING TIRED OF YOUR LITTLE TOY (Darlene Paul) (Kaye-Springer)
18) TWO WINTERS LONG (Irma Thomas) (Neville)
19) HEARTBREAKING YEARS (Barbara Lynn) (Ozen)
20) WHERE THERE'S LOVE THERE'S HOPE (Pat Thomas) (Raleigh-Barkan)

Volume 10:

1) LOVE IS (Patty Walsh) (Shanklin)
2) POSSESSED BY LOVE (Clare Sisters) (Williams-Thompson)
3) THE DOOR BELL RINGS (Goodie Wilson) (Regan-Sarceno)
4) HAVE IT YOUR WAY (Sandra Kaytucker) (Kane)
6) MY LOVE (Betty Everett) (Dixon)
7) TELL HIM (Patti Drew) (Drew)
8) I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU (Gia Malone) (Gerschwin)
9) COME ON JERRY (Connie Francis) (Parman)
10) YOU LET HIM GET AWAY (Liz Verdi) (Verdi)
11) THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE (Anita Wood) (Williams)
12) FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE (Frances Nero) (Dean-Stevenson)
13) WHAT ODES IT MATTER? (Roberta Sherwood) (Berlin)
14) AIN'T GONNA KISS YA (Sandpapers) (Smith)
15) ALL FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE (Diane Castle) (Gluck-Roberts)
16) WILD MAN (Carol Robinson) (Rhodes)
17) ON A TROPICAL ISLAND (Anna Valentino) (Smith)
18) PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE (Azie Mortimer) (Obrescht)
19) HOT SPOT (The Bronzettes) (Evans-Nelson)
20) BOBBY'S GIRL (Marcie Blane) (Hoffman-Klein)

Volume 11:

2) A LOVER'S PLEA (Barbara Green) (Parker)
3) LOVE IS JUST A WORD (Toni Fisher) (Hunter)
4) FEVER (Barbara English) (Bavenport-Cooley)
5) PLEASE STAY AWAY (Merlina Masson) (Jacobson)
6) NOBODY BUT ME (Ann Cole) (Myles)
7) MEMORIES (Jeanne Robertson) (Robertson)
8) SAY IT WITH FEELING (Beverly Mc Kay) (Oliver)
9) KISSES AND TEARS (Suzy Cope) (Cope)
10) UNFORGOTTEN YESTERDAYS (Denise Germaine) (Edwards-Partee)
11) HE DOESN'T LOVE ME (Adrienne Poster) (Duncan)
12) GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF (Byrdie Green) (Giant-Baun-Kaye)
13) STAND A LITTLE CLOSER (Laurie Sisters) (Wolf-Bower)
14) BETTER LATE THAN EVER (Patsy Ann Noble) (Detroit)
15) YOU'VE BEEN TALKING BOUT ME BABY (Gale Garnett) (Rivera-Garnett)
16) MOTHER (Toni Carroll) (Nathanson-Antel)
17) I LET MYSELF GO (Geraldine Hunt) (Hanks-Haniston)
18) GEE BUT I MISS HIM (Brent-Woods) (Heard-Bernstein)
20) THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Diane Emond) (Devorzon-Chandler)

Volume 12:

1) BABY LET ME BE YOUR BABY (Judy Murdock) (Raleigh-Halley)
2) SWINGIN'IN A HAMMOCK (Sue Raney) (Seymour-Wending)
3) FUNNY FACE (Linda Brannon) (Kilgore-Osborne)
4) WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (Marion Colby) (Adler-Ross)
5) HE'S SO GOOD TO YOU (Violets) (Schaltz)
6) COME ON-A MY HOUSE (Julie London) (Bagdasarian-Saroyan)
7) THERE GOES THE LUCKY ONE (Vicki Sallee) (Beadle-Conrad)
8) HANGIN ON TO MY BABY (Tracey Dey) (Rambeau-Rehak)
9) INVITATION TO A WEDDING (Barbara Jackson) (James-Gregory)
10) BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT (Vi Velasco) (Kusik-Adams)
11) GOODBYE BADDY GOOBBYE (Barbara Dane) (Dane)
12) A LITTLE YOU (Dakota Staton) (Sharp)
13) TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY (Joey Heatherton) (Milrose-Rosemblatt)
14) WHERE THE ROSES ARE GROWING (Cathy Caroll) (Halley)
15) UP-UP-UP (Peggy King) (Myles-Hall-Glover)
16) JUST BEYOND MY FINGERTIPS (Loveables) (Martin-Miller)
17) THE HEART YOU BREAK (Beverly Washburn) (Dee-Wood)
18) MY HEART'S NOT IN IT (Darlene Mc Rea) (Goffin-Titlernan)
19) A LOVE OF MINE (Gems) (Davis Miner)
20) SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (Idalia Boyd) (Goffin-King)

Volume 13:

1) DON'T PITY ME (Joanie Sommers) (Stuart-Oliver)
2) THINK IT OVER (AND BE SURE) (Liz Verdi) (Verdi)
3) JUST MULTIPLY (Varetta Dillard) (White-Wolfson)
4) 1 WANNA KNOW (Emmy Lou) (Gordon)
5) MY SMILE IS JUST A FROWN (Carolyn Crawford) (Bradford-Robinson)
6) A KISS TO REMEMBER YOU BY (Susan Rafey) (Brass-Levine)
7) DREAM BABY (Cherilyn) (Bono)
8) BUT 1 LOVE HIM (Doris Troy) (Kusik-Snyder)
9) LET ME DO IT MY WAY (Jo Ann Campbell) (David-Dixon)
10) JUST BE YOURSELF (La Brenda Ben) (Fowler)
11) LOSIN'MY TOUCH (Peggy March) (Catans-Trinachi)
12) THE MANY MOODS OF MY BABY (Pat Hervey) (Russel)
13) DON'T FIGHT IT BABY (Essex) (Mc Coy)
14) TEACH ME TONIGHT (Robin Ward) (Botkin)
15) DON'T LET THE HURT SHOW THROUGH (Karen Kelly) (Montgomery)
16) THERE HE GOES (Yvonne Carroll) (Sloan-Barri)
17) CAN'T HOLD BACK THE TEARS (Rita Pavone) (Keller-Ross)
18) LOST IN WONDERLAND (Connie Stevens) (Gates)
19) PAPER TIGER (Sue Thompson) (Loudermilk)
20) THE HEART YOU BREAK (Jo Ann Temple) (Smith)

Volume 14:

1) STOP KNOCKIN'. (Juanita Nixon) (Billy Myles)
2) AM I IN LOVE? (Ronnie and the Crayons) (Johnson-Brooks)
3) THE PUPPET. (Carla Thomas) (Thomas)
4) TO BE LOVED BY YOU. (Marie Knight) (Scott)
5) PROMISE ME ANYTHING. (Lu Ann Simms) (Hemric-Styner)
6) NEVER LESS THAN YESTERDAY (Paula Wayne) (Kusik-Alhert)
7) EVENING. (Julie London) (Parish-White)
8) TEN GOOD REASONS. (Donna Loren) (Kaye-Springer)
9) I'VE GOTTEN OVER YOU. (Sonnettes) (Whitfield)
10) HE'S GOT EVERYTHING. (Rita Pavone) (Shuman-Pomus)
11) HOW COME ? (Birdie Green) (Barry-Powers)
12) HEY LOVER. (Giny Satin) (Covay-Berry)
13) JUST A BAD THING. (Janice Christian) (Gates-Foster)
14) MOMENTS. (Joyce Davis) (Berry)
15) NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO WEEP. (Simone Dina) (Burroughs-Vano)
16) ONCE A FOOL. (Lesley Miller) (Barkan-Raleigh)
17) WALK ON INTO MY HEART. (Bobbie Smith) (Browner)
18) TRUE BLUE (Donna Lynn) (Wolf-Bower)
19) ONE SWEET KISS (The Hopefuls) (Samyers-Burton)
20) HOME OF THE BRAVE. (Bonnie and the Treasures) (Mann-Weil)

Volume 15:

1) YOU'RE SAYING GOODNIGHT (Juliana) (Kaye-Springer)
2) SHY BOY (The Charmers) (Mc Coy)
3) YOU'VE GOT A LOT TO LEARN (Henrietta and the Hairdouz) (Pelaez)
4) IF YOU TRY TO STEAL MY BABY (Sue Winford) (Byers)
5) HURRY UP SUMMER (Bella Rae) (Thompson)
6) TENDER WORDS AND TENDER KISSES (Jessie Williams) (Pouliot)
7) SILLY LITTLE GIRL (Margaret Mandolf) (Gates)
8) CAN'T GET YOU OUT OFF MY MIND (Jeannie Barnes) (Otis)
9) YOUNG GIRL (Charmaine) (Hamilton)
10) BLUE STAR (Donna Douglas) (Young-Heyman)
11) HE'S A STRANGE ONE (Denise Germaine) (Stone-Miller)
12) LET GO OF MY HEART (Demetris Tapp) (Byers)
13) WE'LL START THE PARTY AGAIN (Bernadette Peters) (Resnick-Young)
14) PLEASE DON'T KISS ME AGAIN (Charmettes) (Young)
16) I'M JUST A FOOL FOR YOU (Betty Lavette) (Veroca)
17) THE JOKE'S ON ME (Corvels) (Goldstein-Elgin)
18) YOUR NOSE IS GONNA GROW (Christine Quaite) (Hoover-Win)
19) PLEASE DON'T GO (Sarah Cooke) (Rosenblatt-Melrose)
20) SILLY LITTLE GIRL (Dean and Jean) (Wilson)
21) IF YOU LOVE ME, SHOW ME (Monique) (Green-Jackson)
22) PACKIN'UP MY MEMORIES (Stylettes) (Dozier)
23) WHAT'S THE MATTER BABY (lia Van) (Holloway)
24) TO GET YOU BACK AGAIN (Karen Small) (Julian)
25) UNDER A STREETLIGHT (Debs) (Stone)

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