DeBarge - Discography (1981-2008) 10 Albums

DeBarge - Discography (1981-2008) 10 Albums
Profile:Soul boogie pop band
Formed in Detroit.
One of the most succesful Motown acts of the 80's.
They consisted of siblings and their name is from their shared surname.
The two older brothers, Bobby DeBarge and Thomas DeBarge were members of Switch (6).
They had a string of R&B and pop hits in the early to mid-80's, including "All This Love," "I Like It," "Love Me In A Special Way," and "Rhythm Of The Night."
They recorded six albums from 1981 up to 1991.
Bunny DeBarge, Chico DeBarge and El DeBarge had solo careers.

DeBarge - 1981 - The DeBarges
DeBarge - 1982 - All this love
DeBarge - 1982 - Greatest Hits
DeBarge - 1983 - In a Special Way
DeBarge - Bad Boys (1987)
DeBarge - Greatest Hits CD
DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night (1985)
DeBarge - The Definitive Collection (2008)
DeBarge - The Ultimate Collection
Debarge Family - Back on Track (1991)

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