Evelyn Champagne King - Discography (1977-2007) 20 Albums

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Evelyn King
Real Name:
Evelyn "Champagne" King
Disco - soul - funk singer

Born on 29 June 1960 in Bronx, New York. Raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Sister of Johnny King (2). Her father was a member of The Harptones and The Orioles. Discovered by Theodore Life. Started as a cleaning woman in Sigma Sound Studios. Her biggest hit "Shame" is considered ultimate disco classic, entered the Disco Hall Of Fame in 2004 and has been covered by Zhané and Kim Wilde. Other classic hits are "Love Come Down", "Betcha She Don't Love You", "Don't Hide Our Love", "Flirt". In 1982 she dueted with Michael Wycoff on "Can We Be Friends". Along with The Brothers, Vicki Sue Robinson, Revelation (2) and New York Community Choir they discofied the "Hair Musical", led by Warren Schatz. She has recorded twelve albums since 1977, variously produced by the likes of Warren Schatz, René & Angela, Kashif, Leon Sylvers, André Cymone, Theodore Life, Morrie Brown etc. Her comeback album "Open Book" in 2008 spawned the hit "The Dance".

Evelyn King
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Albums 320 KBS

1974 - Emma
1977 - Smooth Talk
1979 - Music Box
1980 - Call on Me
1980 - Sweet Delight
1981 - I'm in Love
1982 - Get Loose
1983 - Face to Face
1984 - So Romantic
1985 - A Long Time Coming (A Change Is Gonna Come)
1988 - Flirt
1989 - The Girl Next Door
1990 - The Best of Evelyn ''Champagne'' King
1993 - Love Come Down (The Best of Evelyn ''Champagne'' King)
1995 - I'll Keep a Light On
1997 - Let's Get Funky
2001 - Greatest Hits
2007 - Open Book
2011 - I'm in love
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