Various - Nu Jazz Divas & Crooners Vol. 1 (2007)

Nu Jazz Divas & Crooners Vol. 1
Various - Nu Jazz Divas & Crooners Vol. 1 (2007)

Track 32
Disc 2
Genre Jazz,Rock/Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic Collections, Oldies Collections
Year 2007

Combined Size 200.58 MB (13% of original, 1 to 1 compression)
Original Size 1.45 GB
Combined Length 2 hours 27 minutes
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44.1 KHz;
Sample Size 16 bit
Average Bit Rate 190 kbps
Street Date Jun 05, 2007
Additional Info France
Label Wagram Electronica


Cd 1 Divas

1. Jill Scott "Brotha"
2. Jazzonia Feat Alicia Renee Asante "Swan Blues"
3. [Re:Jazz] Feat Tobias Kremer Big Band & Inga Luhning "People Hold On"
4. Madeleine Peyroux & William Galison "Back In Your Own Backyard"
5. Sara Lazarus "This Can't Be Love"
6. Diana Krall "I'm Just A Lucky So & So"
7. Elisabeth Kontomandou "Sunny"
8. Rosalia De Souza "Tempo Futuro"
9. Dajla "I Don't Care"
10. Netka Feat Nathalie Schafer "Water The Flowers"
11. Alif Tyree Feat Shirley Horn "Forgotten Places"
12. Radio Citizen Feat Bajka "Championsound"
13. Tok Tok Tok Feat Tokunbo Akinro "Flow Of Joy"
14. Alice Russel Feat Natureboy "Sweet Is The Air"
15. Carleen Anderson "All In My Mind"
16. Ursula Rucker "Black Erotica"

Cd 2 Crooners

1. Metropolitan Jazz Affair Feat Mr Day "Bird Of Spring"
2. Mr President "Love And Happiness (Ginger Jazz Mix)"
3. Malko "Follow My Lead Rmx By S-Tone Inc)"
4. Matthias Vogt Trio Feat Matthias Vogt "Pilot"
5. St-Germain "Alabama Blues"
6. Llorca Feat Mabdel Turner "I Cry (Original Mix)"
7. [Re:Jazz] Feat Ernasto "Too Many Holes"
8. Chin Chin Feat Chin Chin "You Can't Hold Her"
9. Jamie Lidell "Multiply (In The Minor Key) Piano By Gonzales"
10. Michael Buble "Me & Mrs. You"
11. Jamie Cullum "It Ain't Neccessarly So"
12. Terry Callier "Speak Your Peace"
13. Baet Assailant Feat Tash "Chronic Breaks"
14. Shawn Lee's Pin Pong Orchestra Feat Ohmega Watts "The Hour Glass Effect"
15. Dwight Trible Feat Ninkia Billingslea, Blay Ambolley "Africa"
16. Anthony Joseph "Bo Nuggy"

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