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Cover Album of Moulin Rouge - Discography (13 Releases) - 1987 - 2012

Moulin Rouge - Discography (13 Releases) - 1987 - 2012

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Label - ZKP RTVL / Victor / DFC / Expanded

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Artist - Moulin Rouge
Album -
Year - 1987-2012
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Country -
Code - OD-K-128612

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge was a Slovenian (ex-Yugoslav) italo disco group that had hits in the late 80's with the singles "Boys Don't Cry" and "High Energy Boy". Formed by Matjaž Kosi, after he left Videosex in 1985, the band was originally an all-male three-piece. Their first domestic release was a self-titled 2-song EP in 1985, which contained "Svet je za Glorio" and "Mi plešemo". "Moulin Rouge", released in 1987, was their first full-length album, now as a male/female duo consisting of Kosi and Alenka Šmid. The album collected all of the previously released singles in Slovenian, as well as their international trademark hit "Boys Don't Cry". The band went on to produce several more singles and two English language albums for the Japanese market. In 1988, they took part in the "Jugovizija"--the Yugoslav pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest--with the song "Johnny je moj" and ended up 5th.

1987 - Moulin Rouge (Vinyl, LP, Album)(ZKP RTVL - LD 1480)(256)
1988 - Johnny (Vinyl, LP, Album)(ZKP RTVL - LD 1622)(V0)
1989 - Boys Don't Cry (CD, Album)(Victor - VDP-1457)(320)
1991 - Tea For Two (CD, Album)(Victor VICP-128)(320)
Singles & EPs
1988 - Boys Don´t Cry (Vinyl, 12'')(Expanded Music EX 49Y)(320)
1988 - D.J. I Wanna Be Your Record (Vinyl, 12'', 45 RPM)(Expanded Music - EX 46Y)(320)
1988 - High Energy Boy (Vinyl, 12'', 45 RPM, Maxi-Single)(Blow Up - INT 125.729)(V0)
1989 - Baby I Miss You (Vinyl, 12'', 45 RPM)(Expanded Music - EX 54Y)(V0)
1989 - Stranger (Vinyl, 12'', 33 RPM)(Expanded Music - EX 53Y)(320)
1989 - The Megamix & High Energy Boy (Vinyl, 12'', Maxi-Single, 45 RPM)(ZYX Records - ZYX 6149-12)(320)
2005 - Back To The Future E.P. (Vinyl, 12'')(DFC - DFC 1473)(V0)
2011 - Back To The Future E.P. (DFC - Dance Floor Corporation)(320)
2012 - My Heart Is Beating Boom (Remix)( Expanded Music S.R.L. 8290002176)(320)

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