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Incognito - Discography [31 Albums] (1981-2014)

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Genre - Funk Soul

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Label - Edel, Shanachie, Pony Canyon, Narada, Universal, V

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Artist - Incognito
Album -
Year - 1981-2014
Format -
Country -
Code - OD-K-125005

The line up of Incognito is constantly changing. Here's a list of artists who have collaborated with the group:

Lead vocals: Christopher Ballin, Chyna, Imaani, Dianna Joseph, Jocelyn Brown, Joy Malcolm, Karen Bernod, Kelli Sae, Linda Muriel, Mark Anthoni, Maysa Leak, Pamela Anderson, Xavier Barnett, Ed Motta, Joy Rose, Tony Momrelle
Background vocals: Barry Stewart, Bernita Turner, Charlise Rockwood, Claudia Fontaine, Elizabeth Gray, Elizabeth Troy, Lennox Cameron, Ogadinma Umelo, Paul Lewis, Ray Simpson, Sarah Brown, Sophia Jones, Valerie Etienne, Veronique DeMargary, Xavier Barnett, Luaraine McIntosh, Paige Lackey, Gail Evans
Guitars: Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, Paul Weller, Tony Remy
Bass: Alpheus Little, Julian Crampton, Paul 'Tubbs' Williams, Randy Hope-Taylor, Ski Oakenfull, Andy Kremer, Alex Malheiros, Gavin W Pearce, Mark Edwards, Francis Hylton
Keyboards: Gary Sanctuary, Graham Harvey, Jim Watson, Michael Gorman, Peter Hinds, Ski Oakenfull, Paul Weller, Mark Edwards, Matt Cooper, Jamie Norton, Simon Grey, John Deley
Drums: Andy Gangadeen, Gavin Harrison, Matthew Stuart, Richard Bailey, Ski Oakenfull, Ian Thomas
Percussion: Chris Joris, Daniel Sadownick, Karl Vandenbossche, Louis Jardin, Maxton 'Gig' Beesley Jr., Snowboy, Thomas Dyani-Akuru, Martin Verdonk
Trumpet: Alexander Pope Norris, Anthony Kadleck, Basilo Marquez, Dominic Glover, Donald Downs, Duncan McKay, Gerard Presencer, Greg Gisbert, Julio Enrique Padron, Kevin Robinson, Tim Hagans, Sidney Gauld, Kenny Wellington
Sax: Adrian Ravell, Bud Beadle, Chris DeMargary, Denys Babtiste, Ed Jones, Irving Acao, Jason Yarde, Patrick Clahar, Ray Carless, Roman Filiu, Ronnie Cuber, Snake Davies, Tim Ries, Andrew Ross
Flutes: Ken Hitchcock, Ed Xiques, Rowland Sutherland
Trombone: Adrian Fry, Avi Lebo Leibovich, Charles Gordon, Fayyaz Virji, Jimmy Bosch, Mark Nightingale, Matt Coleman, Michael Davies, Richard Edwards, Winston Rollins, Nichol Thomson, Trevor Mires
Programming: Alex Rizzo, Daniel 'Venom' Maunick, Ray Hayden, Richard Bull, Simon Cotsworth, Tyrrell
Strings: Aaron Stowlow, Alexander Vselensky, Barry Finclair, Diane Monroe, Ellen Blair, Elliot Rosoff, Ivan Hussey, Jean Ingraham, Kurt Briggs, Kurt Coble, Marion Pinheiro, Marshall Coid, Ming Yeh, Myra Segal, Paul Woodiel, Rebekah Johnson, Rudy Perrault, Sandra Billingslea, Sanford Allen, Sara Loewenthal, Sheila Reinhold, Stanley Hunte, Stephen Hussey, Winterton Garvey, Xin Zhao, Yolisa Phale, Yuri Vodovoz.
In January 1981, Blues And Soul magazine announced the "first ever live appearance of Incognito" due to be made on 29 January 1981 at Flicks, Dartford.
Andy Ross (2), Daniel Maunick, Dominic Glover, Fayyaz Virji, Francesco Mendolia, Francis Hylton, Francisco Sales, Gee Bello, Graham Harvey, Imaani, Ivan Hussey, Jean-Paul Maunick, João Caetano (3), Jocelyn Brown, Joy Malcolm, Joy Rose, Julian Crampton, Katie Leone, Kelli Sae, Kevin Robinson (4), Linda Muriel, Mark Anthoni, Matt Cooper, Max Beesley, Maysa Leak, Nichol Thomson, Pamela Anderson, Patrick Clahar, Paul "Tubbs" Williams, Paul Booth (2), Paul Greenwood, Pete Biggin, Peter Hinds, Randy Hope-Taylor, Richard Bailey, Richard Bull, Richard Spaven, Sid Gauld, Ski Oakenfull, Stuart Zender, Sulene Fleming, Thomas Dyani, Tony Momrelle, Tony Remy, Trevor Mires, Vanessa Haynes, Vula Malinga

Variations: Incognito
Incocnito, Ingognito, The Icognito Brass and Percussions Sections, インコグニート

Artist: Incognito
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1981-2014
Label: Edel, Shanachie, Pony Canyon, Narada, Universal, Verve, Mercury
Genre: Acid Jazz, Jazz Funk, Soul Jazz, Soul, Pop

Studio Albums: [320 kbps]
1981 - Jazzfunk
1991 - Inside Life
1992 - Tribes, Vibes And Scribes
1993 - Positivity
1995 - 100 and Rising
1997 - Beneath the Surface
1999 - No Time Like The Future
2001 - Life, stranger Than Fiction
2003 - Who Needs Love [Bonus Track]
2004 - Adventures in Black Sunshine
2005 - Eleven
2006 - Bees + Things + Flowers
2008 - Tales From The Beach
2010 - Transatlantic R.P.M.
2012 - Surreal
2014 - Amplified Soul
Remixe Albums:
1996 - Remixed [CBR.320]
1999 - Future Remixed [CBR.320]
2003 - Love X Love (Who needs love remixes) [CBR.192]
2003 - One Nation /Japanese artists remixed & produced by Incognito/ [VBR.192-255]
2008 - More Tales Remixed(Tales From The Beach remix) [CBR.320]
Live Albums:
1997 - Last Night In Tokyo( Live) [CBR.192]
2003 - Live At The North Sea Jazz Festivall [CBR.192]
2007 - A38 Ship Budapest Hungary [CBR.320]
2008 - Live At Leverkusener Jazztage(11-01-2008) [CBR.192]
2008 - Live In Jakarta [CBR.192]
2010 - Live In London (The 30th Anniversary Concert) [CBR.320]
Compilation Albums
1997 - Blue Moods [CBR.192]
2000 - The Best of Incognito [CBR.160]
2005 - Let The Music Play [CBR.256]
1996 - Always There (CD Single) [CBR.320]

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