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Blue System- Great Compilation Of Mixes DJ Manaev 2016

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Genre - Electronic / Italo Disco

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Artist: Blue System
Title: Great Compilation Of Mixes DJ Manaev
Genre: Disco, Euro-disco, Pop.
Year: 2016
Playing time: 07:47:57
Audio Quality: MP3, 256 Kbps
File size : 867 MB

Tracklist :
01. I Want To Be Your Brother Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:16)
02. Body Heat (Extended Mix Mix DJ Manaev) (05:34)
03. Magic Symphony Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:33)
04. Behind The Silence Long Version (Mixed by Manaev) (05:51)
05. Sorry Little Sarah Extended Version (Mixed by Manaev) (06:17)
06. Under MY Skin Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:26)
07. Dr.Mabuse Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (07:41)
08. History Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (08:03)
09. I Want To Be Your Brother Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:24)
10. Im The Pilot Of Your Love Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:35)
11. Other 48 Hours (Mixed by Manaev) (06:06)
12. Love Me More Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:55)
13. Just Say No (Maxi Version) (mixed by Manaev) (04:41)
14. Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do) mixed by Manaev (05:18)
15. Big Yellow Taxi Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:36)
16. 21st Century Love Beat Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:07)
17. Goodnight Marielin Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:31)
18. Dont Stop To Dance Dance Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:46)
19. Une Chambre Pour La Nuit (Pourqoui Paris Extended Version) (07:00)
20. The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean) Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:57)
21. Love Is Such A Lonely Sword Long Beat Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:40)
22. Body to Body (Manaev Long Version) (06:49)
23. Romeo And Juliet Long Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (06:59)
24. When Sarah Smiles Long Version (Mixed by Manaev) (06:20)
25. I Wanna Smile Long Fun Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:49)
26. 6 Years - 6 Nights Maximum Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:20)
27. If I Will Rule The World Extended Version ( mixed by Manaev) (05:19)
28. Magic Race Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:47)
29. I Like Your Sexy Body Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:03)
30. Magic Symphony Sun Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (08:08)
31. Little Jeannie Long Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:25)
32. If There Is A God In Heaven Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:50)
33. Sister Cool Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:26)
34. Is She Really Going Out With Him Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:43)
35. Dont Tell Me... Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:51)
36. Voodoo Nights Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:18)
37. Deja Vu Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (06:40)
38. G.T.O. Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:09)
39. New York - Berlin- Paris Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:58)
40. Sorry Little Sarah New York Retro Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:24)
41. Titanic 650604 The Night Time Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (05:32)
42. Big Boys Dont Cry No Tears Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:44)
43. Mega Maxi Mix (Mixed by Manaev) (37:26)
44. Try The Impossible Melody Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:00)
45. Everything I Own Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:27)
46. Romeo And Juliet Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (06:01)
47. Love Suite Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:33)
48. Dont Knock Me Out Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:19)
49. Love Me On The Rocks (Maxi Mix) (05:18)
50. Under My Skin Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (07:25)
51. Lucifer Hell Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:44)
52. Vampire Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (06:08)
53. Read My Lips Maxi Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:28)
54. Here I Go Again Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:36)
55. Body Heat Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (05:34)
56. Lisa Said Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (06:24)
57. This Old Town Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:33)
58. Praying To The Aliens Long Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:57)
59. Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:57)
60. Dont Do That Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:04)
61. 21 Century (DJ Modern Max Techno Rap Mash Up) (04:55)
62. Gangster Love Long Version (mixed by Manaev) (05:30)
63. Is It A Shame Long Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:28)
64. Une Chambre Pour La Nuit Extended Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:17)
65. Crying Game Maxi Version (mixed by Manaev) (04:23)
66. Emanuelle Long Version (re-cut by Manaev) (05:59)
67. Save Me Extended Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:46)
68. Too Young Extended Version (re-cut by Manaev) (04:50)
69. Testamente DAmelia Extended Mix (Mixed by Manaev) (07:32)
70. Thats Love Obsession Mix (re-cut by Manaev) (04:14)
71. Only With You (Special Dance Version) (mixed by SoundMax) (05:48)
72. Wonderful World Maxi Version (re-cut by Manaev) (04:48)
73. Manaev Long Medley Mix (20:05)
74. Under My Skin Instrumental Soul Mix (mixed by Manaev) (07:11)
75. Sorry Little Sarah Instrumental Maximum Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:33)
76. My Bed Is Too Big Instrumental Maximum Mix (mixed by Manaev) (04:53)

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