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Johnny Guitar Watson - Discography (1958-2006), 25 albums

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Artist - Johnny Guitar Watson
Album -
Year - 1958-2006
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Code - OD-K-118324

Johnny Guitar Watson
Real Name:John Jacob Watson
Profile:Born: 3rd February 1935, Houston, Texas, USA.
Died: 17th May 1996, Yokohama, Japan.

Seminal electric blues & rhythm & blues guitarist of the mid-1950s, with hits like "Gangster Of Love". Performed with artists such as Little Richard and worked in synthesizer productions in the 1960s.

In later years his work was a source for sampling by artists such as Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. He also worked on a number of recordings and projects with Frank Zappa, who cites Watson: "Watson's 1956 song, 'Three Hours Past Midnight' inspired me to become a guitarist."

Watson learned the rudiments of music on the piano as a child. He took up the guitar on the agreement with his preacher grandfather that he would not use it to 'play the blues'. His family moved to Los Angeles in the '50s and, as a teenager, he cut his teeth playing guitar, piano and singing in local LA 'jump bands'. Watson collapsed and died onstage of cardiac infarction whilst performing in Japan. Witnesses said his last words were "Ain't That A Bitch."
In Groups:
Chuck Higgins & His Mellotones, Larry Williams & Johnny Watson, The Johnny Watson Trio, Watsonian Institute
Johnny Guitar Watson
C. Watson, Incredible Watson, J Watson, J. 'Guitar' Watson, J. "Guitar" Watson, J. (Guitar) Watson, J. G. Watson, J. Guitar Watson, J. Watson, J. Watsond, J.G. Watson, J.G.W., J.G.Watson, JGW, John Watson, John Watson, Johnnny (Guitar) Watson, Johnny, Johnny ''Guitar'' Watson, Johnny 'Guitar Watson', Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Johnny "Guitar" Watson And His Orchestra, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Johnny (Guitar) Watson, Johnny G. Watson, Johnny Guitar, Johnny Guitar - Watson, Johnny Guitar Wilson, Johnny Watson, Johnny"Guitar"Watson, Johny Guitar Watson, Watson, Young John Watson, Young Johnny Watson


1958 - Gangster Of Love (CBR 320)
1973 - Listen (CBR 192)
1975 - I Don't Want To Be Alone, Stranger (CBR 192)
1975 - The Gangster Is Back (CBR 320)
1976 - Ain't That A Bitch (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
1977 - A Real Mother For Ya (remastered 2005)(CBR 320)
1977 - Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
1978 - Giant (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
1978 - Master Funk (VBR 256)
1979 - Extra Disco Perception (CBR 128)
1979 - What The Hell Is This (CBR 320)
1980 - Love Jones (remastered 1996)(CBR 320)
1981 - The Very Best Of (CBR 320)
1982 - That's What Time It Is (VBR 200)
1984 - Strike On Computers (CBR 320)
1985 - Gonna Hit That Highway 2CD (CBR 320)
1991 - 3 Hours Past Midnight (CBR 192)
1994 - Bow Wow (CBR 320)
1995 - The Best Of Johnny Guitar Watson (CBR 256)
1996 - Hot Just Like TNT (VBR 145)
1996 - Live Leverkusen (Bootleg)(VBR 224)
2002 - The Essential (CBR 160)
2004 - Please Send Me Someone To Love (CBR 192)
2005 - The Funk Anthology 2CD (CBR 320)
2006 - Space Guitar (1953-1955)(CBR 320)

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