The Woods - [01] Let's Talk
The Woods - [02] Loudmouth
The Woods - [03] Get Drunk
The Woods - [04] Time High
The Woods - [05] She Won't Call Back Tonight
The Woods - [06] Worse For The Wear
The Woods - [07] I Love You Period
The Woods - [08] She Looks A Lot Like You
The Woods - [09] Put Me Back Up On The Shelf
The Woods - [10] Cry In My Sleep
The Woods - [11] It's All Too Much

The Fabulous Knobs were one of the most sought after Comboland bar and party bands of the early 80's. Their 1981 album was the first local hit for regional label, Moonlight Records and heavily promoted by record chain Record Bar. Added to the mix was Dave Adams (Glass Moon) who played keyboards on the recording sessions and occasionally live as well.

Without a major record label behind them, The Fabulous Knobs survived until 1984 when Debra left the band. The group renamed themselves The Woodpeckers and added Dan Baird as lead singer. After a year, Dan left to join The Georgia Satellites and kept a song Terry Anderson wrote for the Knobs called "Battleship Chains". This song would be the second national hit for The Georgia Satellites giving both the Satellites and Terry a well needed pay check and a gold record to hang on their wall. After the demise of The Satellites, Terry gave Dan Baird another national hit, this time as a solo artist with the song "I Love You Period" .

Terry Anderson, David Enloe and and Jack Cornell continued as The Woods and released their sole album "It's Like This". It was originally out on Twin Tone Records, and then the british label Demon (home of Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello) licensed it. Though Twin Tone never released this classic album in CD format, Demon made it available to the digital world. Today, you can order it from Twin Tone (it was remastered in 2003).

David Enloe died of liver disease in 2007 (myspace tribute page), Terry Anderson is now with The Yayhoos (kind of supergroup with Dan Baird, Eric Ambel and Keith Christopher), but he is also playing with his old-mate Jack Cornell in The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team.

Special note: In 1988, The Woods recorded a follow-up to "It's Like This", it is now referred as "The Lost Album". So, it was changing hands in tape format but has never been officially released. I got a copy of this "Lost Album" a few years ago courtesy of a very smart person who was able to handle it first. Thank you to my old mate, so i'm only guilty of the exclusive ppc artwork included with these 11 songs...and for the ones wondering about the songs, yes, "It's All Too Much" is a cover of the legendary fab four's classic.

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