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The Manhattan Transfer - Bodies & souls (1984) lp

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Genre - Funk Soul

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Label - Atlantic

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Artist: The Manhattan Transfer
Album: Bodies and Souls
Year: 1983
Genre: jazz, vocal jazz
Codec: FLAC
Rip type: tracks, cue, log
Duration: 0:43:00
Size: 255 Mb

Label: Atlantic

83 release that saw Manhattan Transfer at their popular peak, doing some jazz-influenced harmonizing, but more mood music and light pop. They sing with energy and style here, but had moved away from the strict jazz formalism of their early material. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide

1. Spice of Life
2. This Independence
3. Mystery
4. American Pop
5. Soldier of Fortune
6. Code of Ethics
7. Malaise en Malaise
8. Down South camp Meetin'
9. Why not!
10. Goodbye love
11. The night that Monk returned to heaven

Featured musicians:
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Alan Paul - Vocal Arrangement
Greg Phillinganes - Synthesizer, Fender Rhodes
John "J.R." Robinson - Drums
Peter Robinson - Synthesizer
Art Rodriguez - Drums
Richard Rudolph - Handclapping, Producer, Photography
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
Rod Temperton - Arranger, Horn Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement
Carlos Vega - Drums
Gerald Vinci - Concert Master
Randy Waldman - Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger
Ernie Watts - Horn, Sax (Alto)
David Williams - Guitar
Larry Williams - Synthesizer, Horn, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Horn Arrangements, Saxophone, Bass, Arranger
Stevie Wonder - Harmonica
Casey Young - Synthesizer, Programming
Benny Faccone - Assistant Engineer
Fayette Hauser - Art Direction, Design
Brian Avenet - Handclapping
John Erdsvoog - Synthesizer
June Kiramoto - Koto
Dave Glover - Assistant Engineer
Cheryl Bentyne - Clarinet
Wayne Johnson - Guitar
Steve Bates - Assistant Engineer
Alex Blake - Bass
Michael Boddicker - Synthesizer
Rick Butz - Assistant Engineer
Kevin Clark - Guitar, Chimes, Mixing, Engineer
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Nathan East - Bass
Chuck Findley - Horn
Yaron Gershovsky - Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Arranger
Gary Grant - Horn
Bernie Grundman - Mastering
Tim Hauser - Vocal Arrangement
Gary Herbig - Horn
Jerry Hey - Horn, Horn Arrangements
Abraham Laboriel - Bass
David Leonard - Engineer
Charles Loper - Horn
Frankie Valli - Vocals
Jeremy Lubbock - Arranger, Fender Rhodes, String Arrangements, Conductor
Greg Mathieson - Piano
Bill Reichenbach Jr.- Horn
Janis Siegel - Vocal Arrangement

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