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Mack Simmons - Inflation Blues

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Released: 2009
Styles: Chicago Blues
Label: Electro-Fi Records
Art: Front

01. Inflation Blues (2:23)
02. You've Got To Help Me (4:50)
03. Skin Tight (4:58)
04. Rainy Night In Georgia (4:12)
05. Boogie On Reggae Woman (4:43)
06. Jesus, So Wonderful (3:20)
07. Key To The Highway (2:34)
08. Snap Your Finger (3:52)
09. You're So Fine (2:58)
10. Blue Light (4:50)
11. Find A Way (Bonus Track) (3:00)
12. Looking For The Same Thing (Bonus Track) (2:37)
13. I Don't Want To Be Right (Bonus Track) (3:31)
14. Skin Tight (Bonus Track) (4:24)
15. Lie To Me (Bonus Track) (4:30)
16. Turning Point (Bonus Track) (4:02)
17. Turning Point (Bonus Track) (4:03)
18. Forty Third Street Bus Stop (Bonus Track) (5:51)
19. (Answer To) I'll Make You Feel Like A Woman When We Make Love (Bonus Track) (3:41)
20. You've Got To Help Me (Bonus Track) (3:11)

b. 25 January 1934, Twist, Arkansas, USA, d. 24 October 2000, Chicago, Illinois, USA. ‘Little’ Mack Simmons was one of the stalwarts of the Chicago club scene; he taught himself harmonica as a youngster and in the early 50s occasionally worked with bluesmen on the St. Louis, Missouri, club circuit, before settling in Chicago in 1954. Since the late 60s he recorded for many small local labels, and sometimes larger companies such as Checker. In 1967 he received a three-year prison sentence for a drugs offence. He ran his own label recording studio and club from time to time and recorded blues, gospel (he was known for a time as Reverend Mac Simmons) and soul. Among his artists were Otis Clay and Sunnyland Slim. His version of ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’, performed as a harmonica instrumental, was a local hit in the early 70s. He made a comeback in the 90s with a series of classic blues albums on the Electro-Fi label. Simmons lost his battle with cancer in October 2000. ~Rovi

Inflation Blues (MC)
Inflation Blues (BU)

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