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Nightlife: NYC Fashion Sensations (2012)

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Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Nightlife: NYC Fashion Sensations
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: FMC
Genre: Deep House
Quality: CBR 320 kbps Stereo
Total Time: 02:53:40 (30 tracks)
Total Size: 410 Mb

Brooklyn Lovers - Coffee Story - 7th Avenue Mix
Frank Marshall & Tony Ralf - New York Subway - 5th Avenue House Mix
Plastic Jam - Song of the Shirt - Bass Soluton Mix
Sub Strate - Like They Do - Sonar Mix
Frank Sugo feat. Sandra Sex - What You Mean - Fashion and Sexy Mix
Traxx - Twenty Thousand Leagues - Housetraxx Mix
Karl Deeber - The Hypnotist - Underground House Mix
Tony Roya - Dans La Lune - Troya House Filter Mix
Traktor Grooves - The Sculptor's Dream - Avant Mix
X Section - The Life of Man - Ted Tee House Mix
Black Jag - The Winter Story - 24 V Mix
Grand Groove - Coney Island At Night - Tony Terry House Mix
Hector Domino feat. Donna - Motor Pirate - Vocal Mix
Magique House - Les des magique - House Mix
Househeads - The Fight for Freedom - House Mix
Uso Uro - Fiesta Parada - Tokyo Mix
Club 89 feat. Claudia - The Counterfeiters - Vocal Club Mix
Jay Rhythm - Baba Despina - House Groove Mix
Night Light - Arabian Story - Niteline House Mix
Latin House feat. Tony Trumpetta - Exploits des passions - House and Sun Miami Mix
Mister Master - Her First Adventure - House Adventure Mix
Houzyman - Deep Release - Ceekago House Mix
Twister Bros - Old Classmates - House Native Mix
Niteline - Are You Loser - Gambler Mix
Oriundo - The Blu Skyscrapers - Skyline Mix
The Rhythm Slaves - The Onor of Thieves - Deejay Mix
99% - Falsely Accused - Ibized Mix
Storm 2 - A Day in Dance - John Jay Mix
The Boss - Vlasi Nomadi - Harrods Mix
The Godiva Guys - The Princess in Love - Houzy Mix

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Total length: unknown

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