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100 Chilled Classics: 3 Hours of the Greatest Chill Out Lounge Music in the World (2012)

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Tags: I-Label Chillout Lounge Lo-Fi

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Artist: VA
Title Of Album: 100 Chilled Classics: 3 Hours of the Greatest Chill Out Lounge Music in the World
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: I-Label
Genre: Chillout, Lounge, Lo-Fi
Quality: CBR 320 kbps Stereo
Total Time: 07:48:45 (100 tracks)
Total Size: 1090 Mb

Parallel - Everythings Gonna Be Alright
Suburban Dream - We Still Do It
James Bright - Little Things
FXU - This Will Be A Nice Day
Eurasian Infidels - Weed Funkster ( Dread Mix)
Fragile State - Seraya (Fragile State Mix)
Dr Jones Army ft. Paulo Gerome - Spacial Paramateur
East River Beat - Chill Pill ( Beach Terrace Mix)
New Dread Boom - Chilled Descent ( Soundscape Version)
DJ Nico ft. Oueen Bee - Sling sling (Deep Mix)
FXU - Zoom
Bacon Royale - Only One Time ( Long Languid Version)
Crystal Essence - Tender Temptation
Al-pha X - Chilled Goodbyes (Alucidnation Dream Mix)
Master Yoda & Skater Boy - Passion Fly
FXU - Sundowner
Shatterproof ft. Jazz Lostman - Club Loved Up (Mambo Mix)
Ohm Star ft. Florence Patriani - Don’t Let It Change ( DJ Bliss Mix)
Al-pha X - Hojar (Doug Wolfsohn Mix)
Parallel - Gotta Let Go
Blue Window Crowd - Celestial Spirit Chant (Dub Remix)
Big Yellow Fish ft. Jemima Patitis - Habibi Habibi
James Bright - Watch Over You
Charlton City Dub Rockers - 10 Places in France ( DJ Juan Perez remix)
Amani Firelli - Pushing Fields of Roll ( Pacha Slowburn Mix)
DJ Proust ft. Palla Santiago - Coffee & cigarettes (Euro Club version)
FXU - Oberon
Boomshakalak ft. DJ Kristian - Manifesto
Olivier De Lantacher ft. Dojo - Boo Hoo Bohemia Blues
Strawberry Trees - Emotional Jazz ( DJ Proust Mix)
Suburban Dream - Mitching
Cloud Apostles ft. Jelly Bombers - Tracking The Lion ( Early Dawn re-work)
Doors of Dimension - 45 Township
Bombat Angels - Seasonal Scoffing
Goloka - Eivissa
Manacanera Project - Blood Lines ( Rhythm Line Remix)
Balaerica Bliss - Banteramera ( Hot n heavy re-work)
Scout Troop ft. DJ Rosario - Joining The Dots
Dubanista - Meditation Fiesta ( Peace Mix)
FXU - Subterania
Venus In Motion - Tu Noche
Beau Cash ft. Guru Guru - Funk Jam (Buddha Bar Remix)
Easy Rockers - Seasonal Concerto no. 12
Sedona May Kemp - Round Square Red Blue Day
Al-pha X - Finally Free (Pathaan’s Space Mix)
Dosier C ft. Advantage Pacifica - Dripping Dew
FXU - Nice Money
Chet O’Connor ft. DJ Florence B - Trip to The Sun
Fruity Fabulous - Blissed Streaming (Late night session)
Charlie Stream Nabrovski - Bang Bang(Slowgroove Remix)
Benet Hollandier ft. Dray Opante - Dead Slink
Jelly Bombers ft. Heidi Tomlove - Trusting The Wind (Early Hours Mix)
St.Germain Square - Mandrez Aldeasa
Venus In Motion - Time
FXU - Simba Rising
Shawshank Rambler - Summer Swirl ( Pure & Deep Version)
Nick Ford ft. DJ Miguel - Plastic Frontier (Pulse Remix )
Jack Kaufmann ft. Adam Sharf - Moon Solstice Song
Al-pha X - Wee Weaver ( Chilled By Nature remix)
DJ Rob Mac ft. Luka Boy - Beachside Skank (Ripple Mix)
FXU - Amorphic
Glass Army ft. Banzai Ferarri - Sizzle Puzzles
Venus In Motion - On The Downside
FXU - Uncle Tom’s Chilling Shack
DJ Roman & the Seven Samurai - Slowburn
Bee Hive Clash - Factor 34091 ( Chilled Club Mix)
SP24 Bit - Project Jazz Redemption (Mellow Mystics Version)
Fragile State - Undercurrent
Al-pha X - Bangle Of Gold (Medaka Late Night Mix)
MC Tune ft. Splendid Aura - Nouveau Dimanche
Parallel - Dubka
Venus In Motion - Dare To Dream
Ralph Plenty and Freshers Ball - Eyes of Palatia ( Puro Mix)
Fallen Piranhas ft. Candida - Ten Fishes (Floating Version)
FXU - Chilling Heart
Suburban Dream - Howth Junction
Pleasing Creatures ft. Ella Ashanti - Spirituliasation
Big Brand Assassins - Aquarium Mindmotion
Parallel - Deeper Inside
Venus In Motion - Let Me Beathe
Ollie Krastoff ft. Jules Tramino - Deeper Dreams
FXU - Relieve Me, Release Me
Urban Strategy - Ktang Dre Korabe
Mental Soundclimate - Pressure Place (Dawn Revival Mix)
Pressure Form X - Aching In My Sleep
Jean D’Antione ft. DJ Dream - Love Star Love
Rob Harley ft. DJ Sam Jam - The Perfect Plan (DJ Madrida Mix)
FXU - Sprung
Parallel - Interstellar
Counter Projection ft. DJ Solarisa - Four Codes For Life
James Bright - Magic in Your Eyes
FXU - New Ecstasy
DJ Lindsey Loo & the Love Babes - Breathe (Lounge re-work)
Big Mountain Players ft. DJ Storm - Jewel of The Crown (Dope Mix)
Metallic Injection ft. DJ Rolla - Oceans 21
FXU - Shambaba
Suburban Dream - We Long To Be
Jenny Deloitte with the Lush Groove Orchestra - Tripped Elysia
Al-pha X - An Indian Summer (Pepper IndianSlumber Mix)
Pretz - Exhale

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