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CMC & Silenta - Get It On Now

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Label: Roca
Catalogue#: ROCACD 03
Style: Nu-Funk / Nu-Disco
Source: CD
Rls Date: 26 November 2011
Quality: 320 kbps

After 5 years, 42 releases on various labels and over 10,000 records sold, CMC & Silenta (masterminds behind Manmade and Roca Records) are unleashing their debut album; Get It On Now.
A melting pot of Funk, Hip Hop, Ragga and Breaks, this album has already received massive support from top DJs including Nick Thayer, A Skillz and Barry Ashworth. The album features completely original material and guest appearances from musicians such as The Ragga Twins and Britain's top emcee, Mystro.
The brand new 14-track album also features guest appearances from Malenda, Vanessa Iraci, BadKat, Kawele, Jennifer Lowpass, Linda Friedel, Penny, Paul Brenning, MC Fava, The Root Sellers, and Richard Kim.
CMC & Silenta have had massive Support on German radio such as 1Live, SWR Das Ding and DLF, and also had support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6Music in the UK. Their highly anticipated debut album has been a long time coming and it will see CMC & Silenta reaffirm themselves as one of the most crucial elements of the funky breaks & hip-hop scene.

01. CMC & Silenta Feat. Mystro & Malenda - Yeah Thats Right (4:04)
02. CMC & Silenta Feat. Vanessa Iraci & BadKat - The Night Is Mine (Original) (4:01)
03. CMC & Silenta - Thi Is How We Rollin (3:47)
04. CMC & Silenta Feat. Kawele & Jennifer Lowpass - Where We Started From (Original) (3:38)
05. CMC & Silenta Feat. Malenda - My Agenda (Original) (3:48)
06. CMC & Silenta Feat. Linda Friedel - Love Is Drawn (Original) (4:14)
07. CMC & Silenta - Big Up Booty (Original) (3:41)
08. CMC & Silenta Feat. Penny & Paul Brenning - Summertime (3:36)
09. CMC & Silenta Feat. Mc Fava - Get It On Now (Original) (4:47)
10. CMC & Silenta Feat. The Root Sellers - We Will Never Go Home (3:41)
11. CMC & Silenta Feat. Richard Kim & Paul Brenning - Is It True (Original) (4:34)
12. CMC & Silenta Feat. Penny - Funky Town (Club Edit) (5:51)
13. CMC & Silenta - Easy Way (Original) (4:13)
14. CMC & Silenta - Last Station Sound Georgen (2:02)
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