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Sweet Sensation (X-Mas Party Vibes) (2012)

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Sweet Sensation (X-Mas Party Vibes) (2012)

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Sweet Sensation (X-Mas Party Vibes)
Year Of Release: November 30, 2012
Label: Recovery House
Genre: Funky, House
Quality: mp3 | Stereo
Bitrate: 320 kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 03:43:27
Total Size: 548.18 mb

01. Crazy Sax 2.0 (Boris Roodbwoy & Ezzy Safaris Remix) - Wawa
02. T.h.m (Kid Shakers Remix) - Javi Ortiz, X-Guerrero, Tony Cox
03. Take Me Higher (Upjeet Remix) - Richard Beynon, Etienne Ozborne
04. The Night Goes On (feat. The Black Widow) [Cosmic Funk Remix] - Dj Fist, Rio Dela Duna, Dany Cohiba
05. Diskoball (Original Mix) - Peter Brown
06. More (feat. Trarius) [Original Dub Mix] - Edhim, Roger Slato
07. The Movement (feat. Jonathan Ulysses) [Reza Remix] - Peter Brown
08. Caipirinha (Upjeet Remix) - DJ Fist
09. Dirty Happy People (DJ Soulstar Remix) - Dany Cohiba
10. Just for One Night (feat. Sarah Tyler) [Cosmic Funk Remix] - Lucas Reyes
11. Elx (DJ Monxa 4am At Night Mix) - Rio Dela Duna
12. Just Can't Get Enough (Martin Villeneuve Remix) - Uppercut
13. Move (feat. Wally B.) [Nopopstar Remix] - Dj Soulstar
14. Dancing Into Day (feat. Tiff Lacey) [Martin Villeneuve Remix] - The Henchmen, Ivan Project
15. Diamonds (feat. Polina Griffith) [Nikolaz & Gant Remix] - Tune Brothers
16. Twist in My Sobriety (Remix Version) - Sebastian Krieg, Strobe
17. Musica (Original Mix) - Edhim, Martin Villeneuve
18. Feel the Rhythm (Original Mix) - DJ Fafo
19. Tech Is That (Peter Brown Remix) - John De Mark
20. Replay (Original Mix) - DJ Shifter
21. Gypsy Brothers (John De Mark Remix) - Gerald Henderson, D.F.K.
22. Goldrausch (The Groove Guys Remix) - Daniel Strauss, Niels van Gogh
23. Got Myself Together (Anthony Provenzale & Andrea Gaya Remix) - Jem K
24. Now I See (feat. Jenny Dawson) [Original Mix] - DJ Dove
25. In Your Arms (DJ Soulstar Remix) - Noa, Aldo Ron Sanchez
26. Groovy Baby (Houseshaker Vocal Mix) - Plastik Funk, Tune Brothers
27. Free Your Mind (Brown Sugar & Kid Shakers Remix) - Brockman, Basti M
28. I Can Do That (feat. Nessa Cali) [Peter Brown Dub Remix] - Erick Decks
29. Time Won't Wait (Inphinity Dubmix) - Agent Greg, Terri B!
30. Levitate (Peter Brown Remix) - Futuristic Polar Bears, Jay C
31. Where My Hoes At (Upjeet Remix) - Patrick Hagenaar
32. There Is Power (Fine Touch Remix) - Reza
33. Wonderland (feat. Noe) [Jason Chance Licked Remix] - Carlos Russo
34. Glad Empire (Original Mix) - Mathyas
35. It's Time (DJ Monxa & DJ Tamisha Remix) - Jonathan Ulysses, Oliver Lang, Steve Haines

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