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Genre - World Music

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1-Alex Ferrari - Te Pego E Pa (Official Remix 2o13)
2-Bex - Life Of The Party (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit)
3-Dj Raafy Feat. Snoop Dogg, R.J. & Play 'N' Skillz - Always
4-Crissa N. - I Love the Night (Original Radio Edit)
5-Alex Mica - Heya (Radio Edit)
6-Akces - My Heart (Radio Edit)
7-David Bonanno Feat. Diana J - Move Your Feet (Radio Edit)
8-Maroon 5 - One More Night (Danny Burn & Sasha Gulin Remix)
9-Aura and Louis Bailar vs Rene Ablaze feat Tiff Lacey - One By One 2k12 (Original Mix)
10-Nina Hills - Banana (Original Mix)
11-Zelazny - All The People (Luqus Remix)
12-Eminem, Dido, Dimixer vs Gordon Doyle - Stan (Dj Martynoff Mashup)
13-Chris Mayer feat. Dragos Chircu - Without You (Extended Version)
14-NitroKIDD - Solid Ground (Alex Moore Remix)
15-Paul Van Dyk feat. Adam Young - Eternity (Alternative Radio Edit)
16-Chris Oliver and Anita - I Sing In the Rain (Stephan F Remix Edit)
17-JES & Andy Duguid - Before You Go
18-Dj Sava - Cocktail (Radio Version)
19-Marco Branky and Juan Serrano - Vivaldi and Sex (Extended Mix)
20-Sonny Flame - Miami Day (Radio Edit)
21-Cassey Doreen & Loona - Tell It To My Heart (Sunloverz' Ibiza We Go To Pacha Remix)
22-NIKKI BARR - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Extended Mix)
23-Kalwi and Remi feat. Nadia Gattas-Africa (Club Mix)
24-Pitbull vs. Gary Caos - I Know Tequila People (DJ Baur vs DJ Nejtrino Mashup)
25-Bombs Away - Party Bass (Krunk Remix)
26-Christopher S feat. Brian-Deymien (Radio Mix)
27-Noelia - My Everything (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Radio Edit)
28-Remady & Manu-L - Higher Ground (Extended Mix)
29-Victoria Duffield - They Don't Know About Us feat Cody Simpson
30-Calvin Harris feat. Example - We'll Be Coming Back (DJ Favorite & DJ Kharitonov Remix)
31-Lylloo Feat Matt Houston - Tu y yo (French Radio Edit)
32-Morris - Bring Me Love (Radio Edit)
33-Sunn - Shoulda (Tale & Dutch Club Remix)
34-Senzual - I never fall (Radio Edit)
35-Goldhand - Mr Vain (Club Mix 2012)
36-Shake Feat Yozi - Shake Your Booty (The Winners Remix)
37-Svenstrup & Vendelboe feat. Christopher - Where Do We Go From Here
38-Rihanna - Diamonds (CJ Stone & Franky Tunes Bootleg)

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