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» » FILLMORE SLIM - The Legend Of...Blues Man/King Of The Game

Cover Album of FILLMORE SLIM - The Legend Of...Blues Man/King Of The Game

FILLMORE SLIM - The Legend Of...Blues Man/King Of The Game

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Genre - Blues

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Code - OD-K-108749

Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Recorded: 2006
Released: 2006
File: mp3 @ 320 kbps
Size: 155.53 MB
Time: 67:28
Art: Full

1. The Legend Of Fillmore Slim - 5:18         
2. Trapped by the Devil - 4:57         
3. Nosey Woman - 7:41         
4. Love For The Third Time - 4:31         
5. Hey Little Brother - 4:27         
6. Watch Yo'self - 3:53         
7. Jack You Up - 4:53         
8. My Friend Blue - 4:08         
9. Vegetable Man Intro - 0:17         
10. Vegetable Man - 8:58         
11. She Don't Love Me - 5:30         
12. Blues From The Heart - 7:57         
13. Tired Of My Old Lady - 4:23         
14. Legend Of Fillmore Slim Intro - 0:33

Personnel: FILLMORE SLIM - Guitar, Vocals
Frank Goldwasser - Guitar, bass
Leonard Gil - Bass, Guitar
John Haines - Drums
Rick Estrin - Harmonica
Joe Louis Walker - Guitar, Slide
Jim Pugh - Organ, Piano
Bobby Webb - Baritone , Tenor Saxophones
Frank Sticks - Rap Vocal

Note: Fillmore Slim has been playing the blues all his life and has become synonymous with the "playa" lifestyle. He is one of the special lights of the blues world today combining humor, slang, street wisdom, blues idioms and solid songwriting into his special motif. The Legend Of was recorded in Oakland and it brings all the power of Slim's writing and spoken magic to the front. The song "Hey Little Brother" examines the inner city youth/handgun epidemic from many different viewpoints. The combination of rap and blues is once again explored by Fillmore and his son Frank Sticks. This album's line-up includes Frank Goldwasser and Leonard Gil (bass and lead guitar), John Haines (drums), Bobby Webb (sax), Jimmy Pugh (keyboards) and Rick Estrin (harmonica).
I stumbled across this recording, as one often does, completely by accident. What a great accident! I keep returning to this recoding as one of a few truly exciting Contemporary Blues recordings in the last few years; traditional enough that it's still the blues, but with a sensibility that leaves no mistake that this is the 21st Century. Every track is great, with a few really great standouts: The Legend Of Fillmore Slim, Hey Little Brother, My Friend Blue, and Blues From The Heart. So what are you waiting for? Go, grab it now.

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