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Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 42:23
Size: 97.0 MB
Label: Rhino
Styles: Texas blues, R&B
Year: 1999
Art: Front

[3:27] 1. Good Ol' Shoe
[5:05] 2. Nu'orlins
[3:44] 3. Texas
[4:06] 4. New Millennium
[4:18] 5. On The Tip Of My Tongue
[5:35] 6. White Man's Blues
[4:28] 7. They Only Come Out At Night
[3:39] 8. It's Only Money
[3:52] 9. Show Your Love
[4:04] 10. You Are My Song

Through steady work, Edgar Winter kept himself visible throughout the '90s, culminating with a pair of solid efforts for Intersound. Those appeared under the radar of popular consciousness, known only to hard rock and blues-rock fans. For the general public, Winter re-entered consciousness through a series of television commercials -- usually, they just featured his songs, but he was the star in a clever Miller campaign that suggested Winter and George Hamilton were twins -- along with a prominent song in the political satire Wag the Dog. All of this led to a contract with Pyramid Records and Winter Blues, his first large-scale, heavily promoted release in nearly 20 years. As is customary for any comeback release, Winter Blues is flush with cameos, but this time around, they make sense -- brother Johnny, Rick Derringer and Leon Russell have been long-time colleagues of Edgar, while Dr. John and (surprisingly) Eddie Money fit in quite nicely. Their presence is welcome, since Winter has never been the strongest of frontmen and they never take away from his guitar playing, which remains the best reason to hear Winter Blues. Anyone that paid attention to his Intersound releases would have realized that Winter has been cutting good, solid records in the '90s and this is no different, but anyone that hasn't followed him will be surprised how consistent this is. Really, there's nothing new here, since it's in the vein of his electrified blues and hard rock of the '70s, but it's done well and performed with conviction, resulting in an album that may not reach the heights of his classics, but certainly is among his most enjoyable and consistent works. In other words, it will please both the hardcore fans and listeners in the process of (re)discovering Winter. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Recording information: Cherokee; Grand Master; Nola; Room 222; Studio 56.

Edgar Winter (vocals, alto & baritone saxophones, piano, organ, synthesizer); Eddie Money, Bobbie Kimball (vocals); Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Frankie Sullivan, Mitch Perry (guitar); John Massari (strings); Dean Roubicek (clarinet); John Paris (harmonica); Jon Smith (tenor saxophone); Steve Howard (trumpet); Ken Tussing (trombone); Westy Westenhofer (sousaphone); Leon Russell, Dr. John (piano); Vail Johnson, Mike McKinney, Charlie Torres (bass); Rick Latham, Sterling Campbell (drums); Louis Conte, Chuck Silverman (percussion); Carl Anderson, Billy Trudel, John Mahon, Monte Kelley, Paul Pesco (background vocals).

Winter Blues

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