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Lee Gray Blues Band - Box Wine Woman

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Released: 2011
Styles: Juke Joint Blues, Contemporary Blues
Label: Lee Gray
Art: Front

01. Box Wine Woman (4:20)
02. Way My Baby Does Me (3:14)
03. Yellow Jacket Mean (2:49)
04. Red Wine Mama (4:11)
05. Living On Rolaids (2:52)
06. She Sees Twice (2:48)
07. Bed Bug Blues (3:05)
08. Feminine Pulchritude (3:35)
09. Candy Cane (3:45)
10. Roadside Pizza (4:11)

The release of Lee Gray's new CD "Box Wine Woman" is the culmination of many years of musical peformances and song writing. As band leader of five blues bands , Lee felt it was time to create a CD featuring all his original tunes that delighted Oregon audience for the past thirty years. Lee's comical wit and social repartee' are evident in his whimsical and satrical lyrics.

Jimmy Reed's Texarkana blues stylings influenced Lee's playing since he was nine. Later on dicovering the Chicago blues, Mississippi Delta blues , and rock-a-billy made influential changes to lee's guitar playing and lyrical offerings. Saxaphone influences were fostered when Lee's Father worked as a disc jockey at a West Texas radio station where he would assist his father in spinning the old vinyls playing the big band/rock/blues for the sets. Later on discovering Boots Randolf, Charlie Parker, and others made Lee desirous of teaching himself to learn to play the horn

In the seventies Lee wrote jingles for local business's that aired on LA radio stations. More recently Lee was a featured guest on a new Canadian Food Network production "Pichin In" with Chef Lynn Crawford. Lee performed his original song "Mushroom Maniac" for the close of the program. This program originally aired on the Canadian Food Network Feb 22, 2010. It aired again here in the USA this past Thanksgiving day, Thursday Nov. 24th 2011, 730:pm on the cooking Chanel USA.

Since Lee taught himself to play the piano as a child , he felt it neccessary to enroll at Los Angeles City Colege in 1975 to futher his music studies. From his first week of enrollment, his instructors Harry James (music theory), Ada Adderly( vocal studies - Nat Adderly's Widow), and his piano teacher all requested Lee to be thier tutor for the classes they were teaching. With-in two weeks the Los Angeles Dept. Rehabilitaion had also hired Lee to tutor additional music students enrolled at LACC. due to his successul teaching style of music to the phsically impaired. Soon after Lee's services were in demand at Braille Institute next door to the LACC Campus. For the next two years Lee found himself immersed in studies and work for up to seventy hours a week or better in his 1st. passion Music.

This CD reflects those passions, so sit back and listen to those old and new stylings of Lee Gray and his band. We are sure you will not be able to resist tapping your foot or find yourself up and dancing to his groove. His catchy phrases will be going though and replaying in your head for days on end. You may even find yourself smiling, so enjoy.

Box Wine Woman

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