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Top Club Music Hits Vol.4 [2012]

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VA - Top Club Music Hits Vol.4 [2012]
Club | mp3 | 320 kbps | Tracks: 50 | 2012 | 624 MB


001. The Police - Every Breath You Take (Felippe Senne Remix).mp3 (15MB)
002. Marco V - TGV (Original Mix).mp3 (15MB)
003. Yves V & Felguk - WOW (Original Mix).mp3 (13MB)
004. Giga Dance vs. Rainy - Like an Angel (Rian Joyce Bootleg Mix).mp3 (13MB)
005. Steve Aoki, Clockwork vs. Ciara - Emergency Ride (Clockwork Bootleg).mp3 (13MB)
006. DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark - Broadway (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 2k12 Radio Edit).mp3 (7MB)
007. Rihanna - Diamonds (Shahaf Moran Radio Edit).mp3 (9MB)
008. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom - Come Back From San Francisco (Michael Woods Remix).mp3 (15MB)
009. Allexinno, Starchild - Joanna (Extended Version).mp3 (13MB)
010. Alessia - Ale Kumaye (Extended Mix).mp3 (13MB)
011. Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike -Phat Brahms (Original Mix).mp3 (12MB)
012. Substantial Error, Luke Truth - Sunshine (Patrick Hagenaar Remix).mp3 (14MB)
013. Andy Caldwell & Morgan Page feat. Jonathan M - Where Did You Go (Jochen Miller Remix).mp3 (14MB)
014. Miami Club Feat. Nicci – Supernova (Extended Mix).mp3 (12MB)
015. Eva Simons - I Don't Like You (Math Sunshine & Crazy Noise Remix).mp3 (14MB)
016. Steve Forest, Nicola Fasano, Ido Shoam feat. Sarah Kay - Can't Get Enough (Original Mix).mp3 (9MB)
017. Inna, Play & Win - INNdiA.mp3 (9MB)
018. Clubraiders - Can't Stop My Love (Gin & Tonic Radio Edit).mp3 (9MB)
019. Hitmakers feat. KNA Connected - Fire (Fuego) (Phobia & Shaker Remix).mp3 (10MB)
020. Yves Murasca - Never (Muzzaik Remix).mp3 (14MB)
021. Dirty Freek - The Devil Is Alive (Original Preacher Mix).mp3 (17MB)
022. Daft Punk - Superheroes (Solidisco Remix).mp3 (13MB)
023. Stefan Rio - Falling Stars (De-Grees Remix).mp3 (13MB)
024. Barthezz - On The Move (South Blast! 2012 Re-Work).mp3 (14MB)
025. R.I.O. feat. U-Jean vs Mike Candys - Summer Jam Serenada (Mike Candys Mashup).mp3 (11MB)
026. Taio Cruz feat. Pitbull - There She Goes (DJ Favorite & DJ Kharitonov Remix).mp3 (12MB)
027. Waveshock - Summer Love (Radio Edit).mp3 (8MB)
028. Flo Rida - Let It Roll (Gordon & Doyle Bootleg Mix).mp3 (16MB)
029. The Veronicas - 4Ever (3rd Prototype Bootleg).mp3 (12MB)
030. Avicii, Lazy Rich & Global Deejays - High Silhouettes (3RD Prototype Mashup).mp3 (15MB)
031. Jasper Forks - Alone (Money-G Vocal Mix Cut).mp3 (12MB)
032. Alex Ferrari - Bara Bara Bere Bere (Shabba & Fernando Balkan Club Mix).mp3 (13MB)
033. Example - Close Enemies (Extended Mix).mp3 (14MB)
034. Paolo Ortelli - Montecarlo Party (Mikro Extended Mix).mp3 (11MB)
035. Mario Bischin - Macarena (Leo Burn Sax Bootleg Mix).mp3 (12MB)
036. Jasper Forks - Alone (Money-G Vocal Mix Cut).mp3 (12MB)
037. Voodoo & Serano - Blood is Overloaded (Voodoo & Serano Arena Bootleg).mp3 (14MB)
038. Adele - Skyfall (Shahaf Moran Extended Mix).mp3 (13MB)
039. Little Mix - DNA (Kat Krazy Extended Mix).mp3 (13MB)
040. Carly Rae Jepsen & The Hitmen - Call Me Shaker (Phobia & Shaker Feeling Mix).mp3 (14MB)
041. Lolita Jolie - Non Non Non (Rocco & Bass-T vs Basslovers United We Are Dance Mix).mp3 (10MB)
042. Joelina Drews feat. Caddy Pack - M.I.A (Basslouder Remix).mp3 (13MB)
043. Biraytrax feat. Flek - Sommer Lied (Cloud Seven Remix).mp3 (12MB)
044. Philipp Ray & Viktoriya Benasi - Esta Manana (DJ Gollum Remix).mp3 (12MB)
045. Manuel Lauren - DJ Aflame (Cc.K Remix).mp3 (11MB)
046. Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer (Cc.K Remix Extended).mp3 (11MB)
047. The Aston Shuffle vs. Tommy Trash - Sunrise (Won't Get Lost) (Tommy Trash Version).mp3 (14MB)
048. Noisecontrollers - Aliens (Digital Punk Remix).mp3 (11MB)
049. Brian NRG - 100% Cocaine (2012 Re-Edit).mp3 (13MB)
050. Brennan Heart – Life That We Dream Of (City2City).mp3 (14MB)

Top Club Music Hits Vol.4 [2012]


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