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Although Chad & Jeremy's Second Album was not released in the U.S., there's not much reason for collectors to sweat out trying to find the LP, as all of its tracks did come out in some form stateside. In fact, Second Album had nearly the same contents as the duo's second American LP (titled Sing for You, and, confusingly, not at all the same as the British LP called Sing for You, which was their first U.K. long-player). The only differences between Second Album and the U.S. Sing for You are that Second Album has a few songs not on the American counterpart, two of which ("Now and Forever" and "Too Soon My Love") had already appeared in the U.S. on the Yesterday's Gone album, the other of which ("It Was a Very Good Year") would soon appear on an American B-side, and subsequently on U.S. album compilations. 

And naturally, in this transatlantic mishmash, the American Sing for You has two songs which don't appear on Second Album, "Donna Donna" and "From a Window," though they'd already appeared on the British version of Sing for You. The musical merits of Second Album were, naturally, similar to those of the American Sing for You: no big hits, but generally likeable lightweight British Invasion music, though the songs that actually verge on cheery British Invasion rock ("My How the Time Goes By," "Now and Forever," "Too Soon My Love," "Only Those in Love") are far better than the covers of popular standards ("The Girl From Ipanema," "It Was a Very Good Year") and the bossa nova-cum-folk on their cover of Ian & Sylvia's "Four Strong Winds." If you do want to hear everything from Second Album in the original order, try to find the reissue compilation Sing for You/Second Album, which combines the first two albums and five additional tracks on a single-CD release.

Chad & Jeremy are an English singing folk rock duo originating in the 1960s, comprising Chad Stuart (born David Stuart Chadwick, 10 December 1941, Windermere, Cumbria) and Jeremy Clyde (born Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde, 22 March 1941, Dorney, Buckinghamshire). They were part of the British Invasion, a large influx of British rock and pop musicians to the American music scene.

The duo's first single, "Yesterday's Gone", for the Ember Records label, which was arranged by John Barry, was their only UK hit.[1] However, Chad & Jeremy's strings-backed sound held a greater appeal in the United States, where World Artists Records released their early 1960s strain of commercial folk music.

Their second single, "A Summer Song", hit #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964. Follow-ups included "Willow Weep for Me" (a 1930s song that was recorded by Paul Whiteman and Billie Holiday; with Chad & Jeremy's cover version climbing to Number 1 on the Easy Listening chart) and on Columbia Records in 1965, "Before and After" reached the Top 20. In total Chad & Jeremy had seven US Top 40 hits between 1964 and 1966.

In February 1966, the British music magazine, NME, reported that the duo had applied for US citizenship. The magazine commented that as potential US citizens, they would be eligible for military service, and that they had no wish to end up defending their adopted country in Vietnam. However the practicalities of constantly renewing US work permits was problematical.

In the fall of 1967, they released the album, Of Cabbages and Kings. This psychedelic album sold poorly, as did the 1968 follow-up, The Ark.

The duo also made several television guest appearances. In back-to-back sitcom appearances, they first played fictional singing duo The Redcoats (Fred and Ernie) on the February 10, 1965 episode of the TV sitcom Dick Van Dyke Show that satirized Beatlemania. The following week they appeared on the Patty Duke Show as unknown British singing duo Nigel & Patrick, performing "A Summer Song", "The Truth Often Hurts the Heart" and "Yesterday's Gone". They appeared as itinerant actors in That's Noway, Thataway, a January 1966 episode of the comedic western Laredo, which was intended as a pilot for their own spin-off series.

The duo appeared as themselves in the December 1966 episodes The Cat's Meow and The Bat's Kow Tow of the television series Batman, in which the guest villain was Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

Clyde appeared in 1966 as a bachelor contestant on The Dating Game where he won. Stuart voiced Flaps the vulture in Disney's 1967 film The Jungle Book.

In 1968 they composed,recorded and released music to the film soundtrack of Three in the Attic, the music soundtrack was released in the US on Sidewalk Records

In 1983, Chad & Jeremy reunited to record the album Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde for the MCA-distributed Rocshire Records label. Plans for a second reunion album in 1984 were well-advanced when the label folded. The duo starred in the West End production of Pump Boys And Dinettes from 1984–1985, before returning to the US in 1986 for a nostalgia tour with other British Invasion artists. In 1987 they performed in short residencies at both Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe, and the Reno Hilton before again breaking up.

In 2003, PBS reunited Chad & Jeremy in the 60s Pop-Rock Reunion special, which also prompted a tour the next year. They have been touring ever since. In 2008, the group released Ark-eology, an album featuring re-recordings of their 1960s hits and selected cuts from their original albums. In September 2010, Chad & Jeremy marked 50 years of performing together with a limited-edition CD entitled Fifty Years On.

They performed at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January 2009.

Jeremy Duncan and his brother Chad in the comic strip Zits are namesakes of this duo.

01.  What Do You Want with Me   
02.  My Colouring Book   
03.  If You've Got a Heart   
04.  No Other Baby   
05.  Now and Forever   
06.  Too Soon My Love   
07.  The Girl from Ipanema   
08.  Four Strone Winds   
09.  Oaly Those in Love   
10.  You Know What   
11.  Sleep Little Boy   
12.  My How the Time Goes By   
13.  It Was a Very Good Year   
14.  Lemon Tree   
15.  Early in the Morning   
16.  Your Mother's Out of Town   
17.  The Nearness of You   
18.  Only for Young 

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