The Tourists - Luminous Basement (Vinyl, LP, Album) (1980)

The Tourists ‎– Luminous Basement
Label:RCA ‎– RCALP 5001, RCA ‎– FREE 5001
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album
Vinyl, 7", Yellow
Style:New Wave
LP-A1 Walls And Foundations 4:14
LP-A2 Don't Say I Told You So 3:59
LP-A3 Weekdays 2:44
LP-A4 So You Want To Go Away Now 3:06
LP-A5 One Step Nearer The Edge 4:41
LP-A6 Angels And Deamons 3:11
LP-B1 Talk To Me 5:57
LP-B2 Round Round Blues 4:05
LP-B3 Let's Take A Walk 2:57
LP-B4 Time Drags So Slow 4:43
LP-B5 I'm Going To Change My Mind 4:11
7"-A From The Middle Room 4:22
7"-B Into The Future 1:54

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