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Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - If No One Sang (UK 1968)

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As the sound of 'Swinging London' evolved from the mod rock and pop scene, so did Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (DD, D, B, M & T), which featured Dave "Dee" Harman (guitar/vocals), Trevor "Dozy" Davies (bass), John "Beaky" Diamond (rhythm guitar), Michael "Mick" Wilson (drums), and Ian "Tich" Amey (lead guitar). The quintet's third long-player, If No One Sang (1968), reflects the progression within the genre and is arguably the combo's most musically satisfying and eclectic outing. 

It would likewise be the final full-length platter that they would issue prior to Dee's departure in the summer of 1969. Although success in the States remained elusive, they continued to produce hits throughout England and Germany. Specifically, the nonsensical "Zabadak" and the chart-topping "Legend of Xanadu" became definitive entries in their catalog. 

True to their previous hits, the songwriting team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley — who also managed the band — centered their material on catchy, if not somewhat quirky, melodies with highly singable choruses. However the title composition, "If No One Sang" — which bookends the effort with a pair of renderings — demonstrates DD, D, B, M & T's versatility. The dark chord progressions and solitude of the desolate acoustic guitar and solo vocal immediately suggest the more mature tenor of the material. 

The introspective and slightly baroque ballad "Where From, Where To?" as well as the lightly orchestrated samba-tinged cover of Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter" are other examples of the more thoughtful and reflective nature of the tunes. "Time to Take Off" is a punchy, driving waltz arrangement that propels the melodies Latin-flavored overtones. Considerably more theatrical is the overtly Mediterranean sound of the aforementioned "Legend of Xanadu," which also became a showstopper thanks to the dramatic crack of Dee's whip. If No One Sang was issued on CD with ten supplementary sides, consisting of non-LP singles, as well as Italian versions of both "Zabadak" and "Save Me," the latter of which is titled "Follemente Vivo."

01. If No-One Sang 
02. Where From, Where To? 
03. I've Got A Feeling 
04. In A Matter Of A Movement 
05. Mrs. Thursday 
06. Zabadak 
07. Mama, Mama 
08. If I Were A Carpenter 
09. The Legend Of Xanadu 
10. Look At Me 
11. This Tide Is Turning 
12. Breakout 
13. Time To Take Off 
14. If No-One Sang [reprise]

Bonus Tracks:
15.   I'll Love You  
16.   Things Go Better  
17.   Please  
18.   Last Night in Soho  
19.   Wreck of the Antoinette, The  
20.   Still Life  
21.   Charlie Farns, Barns Has Won the Pools - (previously unreleased)  
22.   Castle Far - (previously unreleased)  
23.   Zabadak (Italian Version)  
24.   Follemente Vivo (Save Me) (Italian Version) 

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