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Ibiza Summer Club 2012

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Ibiza Summer Club 2012

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Ibiza Summer Club 2012
Year Of Release: July 6, 2012
Label: Planeta Mix Spain
Genre: Euro Dance, Pop Dance
Quality: mp3 | Stereo
Bitrate: 320 kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 02:27:42
Total Size: 383.84 mb

01. Summer Is Crazy (feat. Catalin D, Drago) [Andy Grape Remix Edit] - Valdi
02. My Sexy Lady (Radio Edit) - Ragga Blaaza
03. I Want Your Love (feat. Fixxit) [Radio Mix] - Plumbers
04. I´ve Got No Reason (feat. Eilah) [Radio Edit] - Lucian Base
05. Last Night In Puerto Rico (Radio Edit) - Lucian Colareza
06. Esta Noche Baila (Remix Version) - Siko Ruiz
07. No Me Digas No (feat. Linda, Sheby) [Radio Edit] - Hoxygen
08. She´s A Maniac (Radio Edit) - Andrew Peret & Jose Garcia
09. Take Me Away (Radio Edit) - Nina
10. Clochard (Stephan F Remix Edit) - Hessencia
11. Siente (Stephan F Remix Edit) - Dereck
12. Don´t Stop (feat. Lexy) [Radio Edit] - Joy Saccone
13. Habibi (feat. Rella Roxx) [Stephan F Remix Edit] - Bros Project
14. Love Hasn´t Age (feat. Christian Di Pasquale) [Stephan F Remix Edit] - Miani
15. El Marinero (Asi Me Gusta) - Andu Angelo
16. Lady (feat. Mar Souto) [Radio Edit] - Toni G
17. Sexy (feat. Kenta Noler) [Original Mix] - Rafa Romero
18. Love The Violin (Original Radio Cut) - Daresh Syzmoon, Fransisco Dj & LazerBeat
19. Disco Monster (Radio Edit) - Turbotronic
20. You Make Me Live (feat. Dcl) [Radio Edit] - Toni G
21. The Music Takes Control (feat. Laura Elece) [Stephan F Remix Edit] - Pablo Lago
22. No More (feat. Orel) [Club Mix] - Vivo
23. Night Dreams (feat. Marti Caos) [Radio Mix] - Federico Seven
24. Beat Inside (feat. Eva Llorens) [Radio Edit] - Toni Codina
25. Break The Chains (feat. Erid) [Radio Version] - Andrea Ferrini
26. Donde Estan Las Chicas (feat. Isaac Leon) [David Campoy Remix] - Juan Martinez & Valdi
27. Hypnotized (Stephan F Remix Edit) - Christina Matsa
28. Good Sex & Beat (feat. Lil Lee) [Radio Edit] - Nick Cox
29. Only Smoke (feat. Krystal Em, Scio) [Krystal Em Vocal Edit] - Hoxygen
30. Dance Again (Cristian Tomas & Jorge Ribes Remix) - Toni G
31. Play It Again (Musicforce Remix Edit) - Dance Rocker
32. I Feel Lucky (Andy Grape Remix Edit) - V.M.C.
33. La Vida (Radio Edit) - Fuiano & Laera
34. Mangas Verdes (feat. Dolly Glam) [Radio Edit] - Oscar Yestera & Tony Costa
35. Feel The Sunrise (feat. Bellam Shine) [Radio Edit] - Rafa Romero
36. Qui Si Balla (Stephan F Remix Edit) - Miani
37. Innocent Love (feat. Ines) [Radio Edit] - Nitro
38. I Know (Turbotronic & Jellytouch Remix Edit) - Discoduck
39. Unspoken Feelings (feat. K-Flow, Rella Roxx) [Original Mix] - Severiano Deejay
40. The Beat Is Underground (Short Mix) - Laera

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