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Rod Demick & Herbie Armstrong - Little Willie Ramble (Folk UK 1971)

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Former members of Screaming Lord Sutch's backup band, Rod Demick and Herbie Armstrong continued to work together after leaving the British satirist/rock & roller's group in 1971. Billing themselves as Demick & Armstrong, the two instrumentalists joined with keyboardist David Watkins, vocalist Gordon Smith, and drummers Tony Knight and Henry Spinetti to record two impressive albums -- Little Willie Ramble and Looking Through -- before disbanding in 1973. Although they briefly reunited with Kenny Young as Yellow Dog, the glory days of their partnership were past.

Northern Wales-born and Belfast-raised Demick and Ireland-born Armstrong were veteran sidemen when they met in England in the early '70s. Initially a guitar player, Demick honed his craft as a member of teenage skiffle band the Vibros, later known as the Telstars. Joining a Belfast-based R&B band, the Wheels, in 1963, he remained with the group when they relocated to England two years later. When the Wheels disbanded in 1967, he began writing songs with lead guitarist Armstrong, switching to bass when they played together. They released a single, "I Forgot to Give You Love" b/w "The Truth About It," as the James Brothers.

Armstrong had been a member, along with Van Morrison, of the Manhattan Showband and the Golden Eagles in 1964. After turning down an invitation to join Morrison's new band, Them, he formed the Wheels with ex-members of the Golden Eagles.

Demick and Armstrong have remained active since going in their own respective directions. A highly regarded session player, Demick has worked with Dr. John, Guitar Shorty, George "Mojo" Buford, Ron Kavana, Terry Woods, Taj Mahal, Snooky Pryor, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and Ian Gomm. A member of Bees Make Honey in the mid-'70s and Tex-Mex band Meal Ticket in 1978, he worked with the David Essex Band from 1979-1990 and the Strawbs from 1985-1999. Since 1988, he has collaborated on many projects with ex-Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty, including the Top Topham-Jim McCarty Band and the Jim McCarty Group. In 1992, he participated with McCarty and former Yardbirds rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja in a series of concerts celebrating the Yardbirds' election into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has since become a member of the Kingsnakes. Armstrong has performed with Morrison's live band since 1978.

01. Little Willie Ramble
02. Over The Valley
03. You´re My Island
04. Waiting For The Train
05. Morning
06. We Are Free
07. I´ve Got Time
08. We´re On The Right Track
09. I Don´t Care
10. Open Road
11. That´s What Friends Are For

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