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» » Son of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012)

Cover Album of Son of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012)

Son of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012)

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Son of Saturn - The Blackhole Speakeasy (2012)

Artist: Son of Saturn
Title Of Album: The Blackhole Speakeasy
Year Of Release: August 15, 2012
Label: Revolt Motion Records
Genre: Hip-Hop
Quality: mp3 | Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 01:19:04
Total Size: 123.32 mb

01. Welcome to the Blackhole
02. The Speakeasy Never Closes
03. One Door Closes (feat. Morbski)
04. Unearthed (feat. Trust One)
05. The Daffodil Still Lyfe
06. Deadly Phenomenal Break
07. Tunnel of Broken Poems (feat. Morbski)
08. Le Vultuer (feat. Haez One & Neda Voice)
09. The Eyes of a Mystic
10. Introduction to the Unreality
11. Calligraphy from the Inbetween (feat. Bliss)
12. Secrets of the Golden Flower
13. Luminous Steps (feat. Life Scientist)
14. Subtle Quarantines (feat. Atma & Apakalypse)
15. Song of the Kameleon (feat. Kalki)
16. Exhale (feat. Tos El Bashir & Life Scientist)
17. A Distillery Named Desire (feat. Morbski)
18. Vanishing Point (feat. Riishii G7)
19. Gonzo Break
20. Memoirs of Debauchery (feat. Naja Gemini)
21. Apothecary (feat. Vice Versa)
22. The People's Anthem (feat. Bliss & Se7en Sandman)
23. Passages (feat. Apakalypse)
24. Hiding from the Truth
25. Wildflowerz (feat. Morbski)
26. Take a Moment (feat. Bliss)

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