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Taste - Live At The Isle Of Wight  (@APE)

Taste - Live At The Isle Of Wight (@APE)

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Album Info

"It is impossible to convey to anyone who never heard "Taste" on stage how such totally opposed, combative, feuding, contentious, brawling,individually brilliant young musicians could blend into such a perfect gestalt of mind and music whose power, rage, and compassion was both anguish sheer unadulterated delight. The closest we may ever come to understanding and tracing the development of this unique three headed hydra - who became for me and many others one of the greatest live rock/blues in the late 60's -e arly 70's is here in this unprecedented live classic and previously unreleased work. however, for the six tracks recorded here, demonstrate a band at the peak of its abilities. Gallagher's guitar is razor sharp, the bass and drums are interlocked in a perpetual rolling struggle, whilst Gallagher's guitar particularly on "sinner boy" is simply stunning. Get it on your cd' player and get wild with "Taste".

Track Listings
1. What's Going On?
2. Sugar Mama
3. Morning Sun
4. Sinner Boy
5. I Feel So Good
6. Catfish

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The album code is : ODI106195